Translation of inner in Spanish:


interior, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnər//ˈɪnə/


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    (layer/part/room) interior
    inner Cabinet (miembros del gabinete ministerial que toman las decisiones) gabinete interno masculine
    • the inner circle that advises the President el círculo de asesores más allegados al presidente
    • the inner city la zona del centro urbano habitada por familias de escasos ingresos, caracterizada por problemas sociales etc
    • the inner ear el oído interno
    • All three will be open during the week, giving non-masons a rare peep inside the grand inner temple and a chance to see the ceremonial regalia.
    • The signs will divert all through traffic away from the city centre onto designated inner and outer orbital routes.
    • Today's reusable nappies are shaped with Velcro fastenings, washable outer and inner liners and an inside liner which can be flushed away.
    • The cabinet defines an outer region outside of the computer system and an inner region inside of the computer system.
    • Drill 4 holes, one in each corner inside the inner line.
    • The report claims that the shape of the wreckage fragments also proves the bomb was attached to the aircraft's inner wall rather than inside the luggage container.
    • It's important to moisturize your skin from the inside to keep the inner layers of the skin from drying out and to provide necessary nutrients to the surface.
    • Theo reached inside his jacket, putting the blueprints in his inner vest pocket and pulling out his gloves he had put in at the last minute.
    • Ornate doorways offer glimpses of inner courtyards and enticing interiors; many are university buildings, but just as many are candlelit bistros and bars.
    • My legs are really sore today, stiff in places and ways I'm not used to… calves, inner thighs, quads, glutes and that crease just inside the hip at the top of the leg.
    • In the houses of prominent persons and local notables, another set of stairs is located immediately inside the front door without a view of the inner sanctuary of the courtyard.
    • The new plan provides complete protection right inside the inner part which is south of the river; this makes a great place to leave your dinghy if there is a swell at the main dock.
    • With your knees about shoulder width, slowly roll forward on the ball until you're balanced on top of it by just the insides of your knees and the lower half of your inner thighs.
    • If, on the other hand, your feet are touching the inside of your opponent's inner thighs then they are usually too shallow.
    • We pass through the arch and inside to the inner courtyard.
    • A wireless transmitter is strapped in a garter to my inner thigh and a video rig is micro-contained inside horn-rimmed glasses.
    • They appeared in the stable yard, just inside the inner gates.
    • By adding an inner layer of cover inside a hoop and picking cold-hardy varieties, you can grow right through winter - even in the coldest climates.
    • Inside, an inner armature repeats the sweep of the outer structure, and the visitor is enveloped by emerald garden mesh.
    • If they're not, they need to be in their homes in an internal situation, in an inner side room, no windows.
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    (of person)
    (life) interior
    (thoughts) íntimo
    inner self fuero interno masculine
    • the inner man el estómago
    • Do something different - don't follow everybody else, go with your inner feelings.
    • A sadness reflecting her inner feelings and unspoken thoughts.
    • His calm gaze masked inner feelings of frustrated anger.
    • It is a law of nature that inner thoughts will manifest an outer counterpart in due time.
    • It is impossible to know the man's inner thoughts, so intimately linked as he is to machines, a set of cold devices enabling him to move, speak, and breathe.
    • These wonderful complements would extend your inner thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, and your experiences.
    • Build up your inner feelings so they project only love for others.
    • Jerry could feel her emotions surge, as her inner thought suddenly manifested feelings of remorse, regret, sadness, and guilt.
    • How much do you share your inner feelings or secrets with your best friend?
    • They have to learn that there are people who love them dearly without knowing how to express or show their inner feelings.
    • Some authors aim at a narrative of drama, skipping the plateaux of family life or inner thoughts and move through a series of peaks of achievement.
    • In spite of that, Williams speculates that she won't be happy to see her inner thoughts in print.
    • This is the real me, everything from my secrets to my inner thoughts.
    • Friends and associates rarely realize just how sensitive these people truly are because it isn't easy to probe this sign's inner feelings, or arouse deep passion.
    • You allow yourself to ponder for a moment, ever so briefly, if the other person had the slightest indication of your inner thoughts.
    • The audience hears their inner thoughts as they go about their lives home in the office or out and about.
    • Disaster dreams reveal a connection between your inner feelings and outer actions.
    • This plot device enables us to hear Nicholson's inner feelings without resort to awkward monologues.
    • Everyone has inner feelings about themselves that no one else knows about.
    • But by launching into the realm of her inner thoughts it makes the show less about the work and more about her.


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    (in archery)
    (que rodea la diana) anillo masculine
    • She cleared her magazine of bullets, taking aim and hitting three shots in the outer rings, two in the inner.