Translation of innermost in Spanish:


más recóndito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnəməʊst//ˈɪnərˌmoʊst/


  • 1

    (part/chamber) más recóndito
    • Expression has also been reported in the innermost layer of the tobacco seed-coat.
    • It had several layers: the innermost being a spongy fish ball, covered first by a piece of eggplant and then by almond bits.
    • That was why, in the innermost pocket of his carrying bag, secured beneath several layers of waterproof cloth, there was a tin of candy.
    • The central point of the spicule positioned very close to the innermost shell wall.
    • Five towers made of stylised lotuses rise from the centre, with the innermost tower rising to a height of 699 feet.
    • The innermost layer adjacent to the lumen was occasionally difficult to distinguish.
    • The frigid water soaks your innermost layer of clothing, which is practically a guarantee of hypothermia.
    • Our bodies, from our skin's outermost layer to our brain's innermost neurons, are sacred to us.
    • The roofs had originally comprised a profiled metal decking as the innermost layer.
    • In general, the innermost layer of the seed coat of legumes consists of irregularly shaped cells with large intracellular spaces.
    • He correctly pointed out that six spheres can surround a central sphere in the innermost ring.
    • The initiation of cortical cell collapse was observed 5-6 cell layers from the innermost unmodified cortical layer.
    • This innermost cell layer is surrounded by about two layers of narrow cells, which are elongate in longitudinal direction.
    • The earliest formed neurons make the innermost cortical layer, while neurons formed later make successive outer layers.
  • 2

    (feelings/secrets/thoughts) más íntimo
    in her innermost being en su fuero interno
    • Once again, her innermost thoughts collided with her spoken words.
    • It is a piece most unwieldy and amateur, and one that I hope will better convey my innermost feelings about my car.
    • For fifty hypnotic minutes, we immersed ourselves in noise, drowning out even our very innermost thoughts.
    • She had said it was to write your innermost feelings in.
    • Does it make you uncomfortable that people can read your innermost thoughts?
    • No matter how we might change externals, it is only when our innermost feelings are altered that we truly change and grow.
    • Speaking to a faceless audience who they believed was listening to them somewhere, made them come out with their innermost feelings and fears.
    • I respond becoming even more unnerved, not one bit liking the idea of her being able to read my innermost thoughts.
    • Even songs we can't stand ricochet in our minds; those that we love become enmeshed with our innermost feelings and memories.
    • But when the day finally arrives when he packs away the clubs for good, he doesn't conceal what he hopes his innermost thoughts will be.
    • He seemed to know her innermost thoughts, as though reading her mind.
    • I poured out my deepest and innermost thoughts and wouldn't stop until there was no more to share.
    • Sometimes people deliberately shrink away from words because of their belief that words lack power to express innermost feelings.
    • It's always interesting to see people's innermost fears and insecurities projected on to another isn't it?
    • Gender of itself has no bearing on a person's innermost desire for liberty and to reach their fullest potential possible.
    • Those deep, innermost feelings you have about the world being really awful are probably right.
    • All the hurrying, worrying bustle of the world would be shut out, and she could concentrate on her innermost thoughts.
    • Eighteen urban youths share their innermost feelings in their class's open mike poetry presentation.
    • All sorts of personal correspondence, our innermost thoughts, and much of what we have been doing over the past few years are recorded on the computer.
    • There will be no one who is able to respond sympathetically to his innermost fears and apprehensions.