Translation of innumerable in Spanish:


innumerable, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈnjuːm(ə)rəb(ə)l//ɪˈn(j)um(ə)rəb(ə)l/


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    on innumerable occasions en innumerables ocasiones
    • My mother used to tell me a story about a young woman whose chief domestic duty was cooking for her innumerable brothers.
    • I sat surrounded by flowers and portraits and innumerable tributes to him.
    • These small businesses play a vital role in the economies of innumerable coastal communities.
    • The innumerable talks and discussions on budget in the city are amazing.
    • It is a scene which has been played out innumerable times on the streets of housing estates across the country.
    • And the innumerable accolades that have come his way seem to motivate him further.
    • In my personal life I've lived in three major homes, stayed on innumerable floors and been to America a fair few times.
    • Staff at the school have innumerable anecdotes about how the children they look after take every meaning literally.
    • Britain's history as a sea-faring nation has left our coastline peppered with innumerable wrecks.
    • Any artistic movement relies on innumerable people expressing similar feelings at the same time.
    • But there is still a reminder of innumerable court cases in the imposing oak bench in court number five.
    • If we tried to do a count of the similarities shared by all individual humans, we would find them to be innumerable.
    • We appeared on websites and took innumerable calls from well-wishers.
    • A great portion of the book is devoted to chronicling her innumerable tours to various parts of the world.
    • The pavements on the road are fast disappearing and there are innumerable potholes on the entire stretch.
    • The book has been embraced by various cultures and intellectual societies in innumerable lands across the globe.
    • Within ten minutes drive from San Pedro there are about two dozen golf courses, and innumerable building sites.
    • He saw comrades cut down around him and endured innumerable sufferings in the trenches but miraculously survived.
    • There are innumerable programs on the market that do this - all protected by copyright.
    • Unfortunately it is often the cause of innumerable avoidable tragedies too.