Translation of inquiry in Spanish:


(British enquiry)

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkwʌɪri//ɪnˈkwaɪ(ə)ri//ˈɪnkwəri/

nounPlural inquiries

  • 1

    we made inquiries about / into his past hicimos averiguaciones / indagaciones sobre su pasado
    • they made inquiries about prices pidieron / solicitaron información sobre precios
    • all inquiries to … para cualquier información dirigirse a …
    • (up)on inquiry we were told that … al preguntar / al solicitar información se nos dijo que …
    • inquiry office oficina de información
    • But we have to be careful how we embark on our post-incident inquiries and analysis.
    • Efforts to trace him have so far failed despite an appeal and continued inquiries by detectives at taxi firms around the town.
    • Their inclusion is still to be tested at a public inquiry into the plan.
    • Officers conducted door-to-door inquiries while forensic experts examined the inside of the house for clues.
    • Detectives said house-to-house inquiries and searches by trained officers were likely to continue over the next few days.
    • Thank you for your inquiry relating to the position of the arm as the bowler releases the ball.
    • It was essential that the plan underwent the scrutiny of a public inquiry, he said.
    • Our inquiry is inquisitorial, it is not adversarial in conduct or indeed character.
    • Today the detective leading the inquiry made a fresh appeal for witnesses to come forward.
    • I met him last year, and he impressed me as a cop who had quickly grasped that racing inquiries needed forensic detection skills.
    • However, this written evidence was not tested at the inquiry and so carries less weight.
    • A public inquiry and judicial review is awaited and a housing market crash looms ever closer.
    • Detectives launched an inquiry after the woman's body was found just after midnight on Saturday.
    • Many of the detectives who made inquiries in the early days of the investigation have been re-interviewed.
    • Detectives launched a murder inquiry and carried out house-to-house inquiries.
    • If the inquiry needs tests, whether scientific or otherwise, so much the better.
    • At the height of the investigation more than 80 detectives were involved in inquiries.
    • The man, who has not been named, was released on police bail pending further inquiries and forensic tests.
    • The original bed has been taken away for examination and our inquiries are continuing.
    • The public inquiry held in January examined two applications for the development.
  • 2

    investigación feminine
    committee of inquiry comisión investigadora feminine
    • to hold an inquiry llevar a cabo una investigación