Translation of insanity in Spanish:


demencia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsænədi//ɪnˈsanəti/


  • 1

    demencia feminine
    • This pathetic king regularly suffers bouts of insanity and is surrounded by usurpers!
    • He was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison but was later transferred to Broadmoor on the grounds of insanity.
    • There's something about this place that breeds great madness and insanity.
    • Since the average citizen is presumed to be sane, if they claim insanity, who decides?
    • He had frequent bouts of insanity which allowed the structure of his government to be undermined.
    • That tale about the true insanity and lies within a mental institution made a lot of sense to a lot of people.
    • A person doesn't pass into insanity when their situations are good.
    • The trial judge ruled that this was a defence of insanity, whereupon she pleaded guilty and appealed.
    • Please bear in mind that she pled not guilty by reason of insanity at her arraignment hearing.
    • The entire day was beginning to look less and less like a bout of temporary insanity on my part.
    • Her lawyer tried to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but that was rejected.
    • As well, he accuses a former lawyer of attempting to trick him into pleading insanity.
    • I would expect the defense to go that route, to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
    • To me that is so disturbing that I think the case should be dismissed on the grounds of insanity.
    • He felt it spoke to him sometimes - call it insanity, call it depression, but he seriously felt that it did.
    • He could easily slip into a state of insanity and attempt to commit suicide again.
    • It was seven short lines, and Claudia said she examined it closely for signs of insanity.
    • I've seen it drive perfectly calm and contented people to temporary insanity and depression.
    • In practice, the effect of this strict approach has not been greatly to swell the numbers of people pleading insanity.
    • Humans are sociable things who like to communicate and being restricted like that affects people to the point of insanity.
  • 2

    locura feminine
    insensatez feminine
    • If you can be sturdily present to yourself with all the internal garbage that comes up in sitting practice, then you can be present to the facts of deforestation and species extinctions, and all the insanities happening to our world today.
    • You will if you see this one man show that tries to make sense of the insanity and absurdity of Israeli life by making us laugh.
    • This still doesn't do justice to the sheer insanity of the whole enterprise though.
    • The way things are set up, the only people to benefit from this insanity are the organic farmers.
    • I'd like to sleep for six months and ignore this pure insanity that we all call winter.
    • But the show does capture the various insanities and absurdities of his life, and is filled with clips of his more outrageous outfits.
    • The unions and other farming bodies have been attempting to head off this insanity for the past two years - all to no avail.
    • It was pure insanity that in such a short time we had gained such powerful interest.
    • The church was cold that day; most probably because the heating had broken down, but the insanities of the Church were not to be pondered on.
    • I had progressed along some appropriate path, survived all the general miseries, horrors and institutional insanities that humans are fond of ordering themselves through.
    • Sarcasm raises its ugly head between all your sacred rites and ceremonies, but you cling on to your methodical insanities.
    • It revels in, even celebrates, the diverse insanities of American life.
    • Yet, one has to wonder how National, despite the multitude of Labour insanities, only leads by one point.
    • Granting this patent was a demonstration of pure insanity in full force.
    • If watching this FX series takes a strong stomach, observing Dr Sean McNamara and Dr Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) withstand the various insanities life slings their way can be a test of will and loyalty.