Translation of inscription in Spanish:


inscripción, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n//ɪnˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/


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    (on monument, coin)
    inscripción feminine
    • Below it, all over the superbly manicured gardens on the slopes, are memorials and stirring inscriptions.
    • Items feature Hebrew letters or inscriptions either associated with religious customs or used as ceremonial objects.
    • They were engraved with inscriptions, and often buried with the dead.
    • The inscriptions on the dials of the clock tower were no longer legible.
    • The history of the Main will be noted by sidewalk inscriptions of the year of construction of each building.
    • The images, figures and inscriptions in traditional public art claimed to represent something common to everybody.
    • The lowest tier is decorated with royal heraldry and with open books, presumably once with painted inscriptions.
    • These inscriptions are not just in another language, they do not seem to offer names or dates at all.
    • They are unreadable inscriptions, and as such convey the permanence and provisionality of all inscription.
    • The remains of the six were placed in one coffin that had been brightly painted in medieval style and bearing Latin inscriptions.
    • His work on transcribing tombstone inscriptions was highly valued by students of history and genealogy.
    • The more temporary Greeks left gymnasia, statues, temples and inscriptions as far east as Afghanistan.
    • The main gate and the watchtower still stand with their ironwork inscriptions, ‘Each to his own’.
    • It was named that because the inscriptions on the headstones were in a Cyrillic script.
    • It's typical of Hellenistic inscriptions, you see, the letter forms.
    • But the inscriptions written in ink or embroidered on the bags suggest they may have been used for another purpose.
    • They control everything from the type and size of vases to the inscriptions on the headstones.
    • She has devoted half of her lifetime to the study of inscriptions.
    • You got the essays back covered in brutal red inscriptions.
    • The excavations haven't found any such images or identifying inscriptions.
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    (in book)
    dedicatoria feminine