Translation of insert in Spanish:


introducir, v.

Pronunciation: /ɪnˈsərt//ɪnˈsəːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (token/coin) introducir
    (token/coin) meter
    (zipper) poner
    (panel) añadir
    (chapter/paragraph/word) insertar
    (advertisement) insertar
    (advertisement) poner
    • In the manufacturing process, a pre-formed laminate skin is inserted into a horizontal molding press before the injection cycle.
    • Pamphilia to Amphilanthus was certainly revised during the period 1614-21, including the removal of several poems which were inserted into the main text of Urania.
    • The mouthpiece is inserted into one end of the inner slide, and the bell joint is attached at the other, reaching back over the left shoulder to provide a counterbalance for the slide.
    • When a long, thick needle was inserted into a minuscule vein on the back of her teaspoon-sized hands and she didn't even flinch, I knew she was in the best place.
    • This would have been clearer if the word immediately had been inserted before necessary.
    • Residents of Croydon, south London, have been told that the microchips being inserted into their new wheely bins may well be adapted so that the council can judge whether they are producing too much rubbish.
    • These contract notices were issued before legal guidance was available so the GLA was unable to notify its intention to insert such a clause in the final contract.
    • But the thing that irritates me most is that the regulation should forbid commercials being inserted into TV series at certain time periods.
    • Both Emily and Keith have their own comments on the trip, which I will be inserting into the text when appropriate.
    • The time of arrival at the church is to be inserted in the death notice and Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 11 am.
    • According to the Indonesian official, a meeting will take place later in the evening to decide whether the time-bound measures will be inserted into the text.
    • During a five-hour operation the section of damaged bone was removed and a two-inch implant was inserted into her face.
    • In 1999 a new question was inserted into the survey: were there ‘too many players of foreign origin in the French football team?’
    • Each joiner holds four bamboo shoots, two vertical and two horizontal, whose free ends are then inserted into the cavities in other joiners.
    • This enables drivers to be loaded automatically when new devices are inserted into the systems.
    • I think most critics are saying that it was inserted into the Constitution by Marbury v. Madison, or that its inclusion in the Consitution was made up.
    • Sheila had heard of a gastric bypass operation from one of her clients, where titanium staples were inserted into the stomach to make it smaller.
    • For the new treatment, snorers are given local anaesthetic before the sharp head of a hand-held device is inserted into the palate to inject the cylinders.
    • An electrode is inserted into the brain to stimulate either the thalamic nuclei or the subthalamic nuclei.
    • Finally, each subtopic also includes a sizeable selection of quotes inserted directly into the text.
    • The following week, Valerie saw a cancer specialist and had a biopsy, where a small needle was inserted into the suspicious lump to withdraw cells which were sent away for analysis.
    • Sometimes advertisements are inserted into the email.
    • Used by NASA in the Lunar Moon Buggy's testing series on Earth, the gel-like product is inserted into tyres before there is a problem, leak or puncture.
    • It is also possible to create different dictation macros with associated text that can be inserted into a document.
    • A safeguard clause has been inserted in the Treaty of Accession providing the EU with draconian powers to seal-off one of these countries if a food safety problem occurs.
    • Fine, sterile needles are gently inserted into selected points on the skin, known as acupoints.
    • Now users can just select the type tool and click to insert text directly on the canvas.
    • The government and the House have yet to decide whether to insert articles on direct presidential elections in the election bill or draft a separate bill.
    • A catheter is inserted into a patient's thigh, and then threaded up through the blood vessels to wherever a problem is suspected.
    • Although everyone should be able to design a standard Web page in minutes using the point and click type tools to insert text, graphics and sound.
    • After completing schooling, returning personnel are often inserted into leadership positions, which requires more time for teambuilding.
    • The House Appropriations Committee has voted to require the D.C. Council to insert a ‘conscience clause’ in the bill.
    • An igniter was inserted into the cylinder, heated to red-hot temperatures by supplying current.
    • Perhaps the most ludicrous ‘safeguard’ is the 10-year sunset clause to be inserted in the new legislation.
    • Mr Jones added that a clause would be inserted in the club's rules to allow customers to put money in dancers' garters.
    • The question was put that the following amendment in the name of the Hon Dr Nick Smith to Part 1 be agreed to: to insert the following new clause.
    • More to the point, if a few paragraphs of text are not inserted here, the images won't look right on the page.
    • He's in hospital today for a colonoscopy - a procedure in which a tiny digital camera on the end of a tube is inserted into his colon - so a doctor can see for himself how the treatment is working.
    • This device was inserted into a main vein in her chest wall earlier in December to enable her to receive direct infusions of nutrients, vitamins and hydrogen peroxide.
    • They understood that he was a liar and from this perspective this plan perhaps went awry and not enough American and British soldiers were inserted into the region because of this.


  • 1

    (printed material)
    encarte masculine
    encaje masculine
  • 2

    añadido masculine