Translation of inset in Spanish:


recuadro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnˌsɛt//ˈɪnsɛt/


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    (in map, photograph)
    (dentro de una ilustración o un mapa mayor) recuadro masculine
    • However, one of the pictures produced in Magill featured an inset of a business card, and, by a strange coincidence, this part of the picture which was published in Ireland on Sunday appears to have been blanked out.
    • The maps included in the book are useful, although insets of a larger area - think National Geographic - would have been very welcome, especially to those less familiar with Chinese geography.
    • The maps will also contain mosaic video insets reflecting particular elements of the situation on the ground in the interest of target designation for strike assets and assessing the results of effective engagement.
    • Single RyR2 channel currents recorded simultaneously with fluorescence are shown in the insets in panels A-C of the figure.
    • The inset in Fig.3B shows a picture of stem segments incubated for the respective time on either 10 M IAA or 10 M IBA.
    • The book has a twenty-four-page inset of pictures of Walcott, his family, friends, and associates, his sketches, and his productions.
    • The panel inset in Figure 6 is an enlargement of the area between 740 nm and 820 run-the area of the near-infrared region used in this analysis.
    • The inset shows ELAV-positive cells within the clone in the ventral eye.
    • The inset in the bottom panel of Fig.10 B also shows the rise in diastolic Na in the bulk cytosolic space that takes place as frequency is increased in the model.
    • In the inset to Fig.6 a we identify three states with extremal free energies.
    • The surface epithelium, however, was coated by a fuzzy blue, hematoxyphilic layer, as illustrated in the inset in the Figure, part a.
    • The boundaries of each inset must be shown precisely on the proposals map and the proposals shown on an inset must not appear on the main map.
    • To visualize these multiple decay components, the inset in Fig.12 A shows a logarithmic plot of the anisotropy decay and the corresponding fit curve.
    • The recovery of the ground-state absorption band in the inset of Fig.4B shows a rise time of 300 ms.
    • The weighted residuals (Fig.5 inset, a-c, respectively) look nearly identical.
    • A small portrait, as an inset in all these posters, had the answer.
    • The study area map shows only the northwestern corner of the Yukon and lacks both an inset to orient the reader within this part of the Arctic and a scale.
    • A charge distribution model that meets this requirement is illustrated in the inset of Fig.15 A.
    • The inset shows the inferred origin of six arrangements from the Tree Line common ancestor.
    • The main picture would show the agony and the ecstasy in the player's face; the inset would show the dartboard.
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    (page, pages)
    encarte masculine
    encaje masculine
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    añadido masculine
    • Grids of rice-paper squares punctuated by areas of stitching and little insets of lace and netting suggest quilts, while lacy edgings connote pillowcases and hand towels.
    • The hint of flare was woefully insufficient and so subtle bright red insets had to be added for extra width.
    • She's going to make me some yummy blue PVC pants and a matching top, with black mesh insets down the sides.
    • Her tones were rich but muted, especially a satin of Prussian blue, while she added brilliance to chic black evening gowns with splashes of fuchsia insets or beadwork.
    • James Fereira added pleated insets to the split palla.

transitive verbinsetting, insetted

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    (illustration/map) (dentro de un mapa o una ilustración mayor) insertar
    • The windows were broken so many times that eventually the glass had to be inset with metal bars.
    • The studio proofs will include seven layers of gold acrylic and two diamonds inset into the print.
    • Personally I would have liked to see it either be hidden a little better, or totally remove the door and just inset the connections into the acrylic.
    • Space was layered by means of sliding partitions at times inset with sections of clear glass so that one part of the apartment is transformed while another is glimpsed.
    • The grip panels are inset with a gold company medallion, a motif that harkens back to old Colts and pleases some traditionalists, such as yours truly.
    • An interactive hologram in the form of a shapely mink was inset in the wall to the side, and served as doorkeeper.
    • It consists of a range of Tuscan columns fronting a sturdy back wall with niches inset into it.
    • Designed by Caroline Tomlinson and Luke Miles, each piece is adorned with a simple repeated motif of circles, and with a high gloss finish, tables are inset with tea lights.
    • That spacing is not around any visible morphological feature of the embryo, but around a circle of smaller radius, inset a fixed distance from the edge of the disc.
    • Article ads that got seen the most were ones inset into article text.
    • Three clear bladed fans are inset in the unit, one at the rear, one at the front and one below.
    • One way to accomplish this is to inset a message box.
    • Lifts are surrounded by glowing glass; and luminous white glass boxes are inset into the bar's polished stone counter in the ground floor cafe.
    • The panel is inset with an irregular pattern of boxed display shelves.
    • They are inset into the plexiglas, so even when the front panel lights up the LED's still shine through.
    • Large elliptical bins in each door, curved door handles and door levers inset into semi-spherical recesses continue the curvy theme.
    • After chiseling inset the latchbolt and plate to mark screw holes.
    • Stepping-stones were inset into the now-calmer inclines, facilitating access.
    • My laptop's desktop was plain white until I found his site; now it's plain white with a rotating set of mysterious rooms inset in the centre.
    • The pressed glass turtlebacks inset into the base were used in a variety of ways at Tiffany Studios.
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    (advertisement/page) encartar
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    • A chunky silver medallion slung around his neck is inset with over 200 carats worth of diamonds.
    • Entering through the flagstone wall, the lobby's black terrazzo floor is inset with fragments of locally mined gems and copper ore.
    • Many tweeds shown on the catwalk had raw fringes and the fabric could be inset with jewel rhinestones.
    • To one side of the balcony door, nearer the bed, stood a substantial armoir, again in mahogany, with etched jade panels inset into its double doors.
    • The laces on one side had changed from their normal red to a deep scarlet, almost like they were inset with tiny rubies.
    • The arch was inset with sculptural reliefs depicting the campaigns of the French armies in Italy, while in front and behind it there stood figures of Liberty and Triumph on circular podia.