Translation of inside in Spanish:


interior, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsʌɪd//ɪnˈsaɪd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(interior part)

      interior masculine
      from the inside out desde el interior hacia afuera
      • the inside of the house is in very good repair el interior de la casa está muy bien
      • the door had been locked from the inside habían cerrado la puerta con llave por dentro

    • 1.2(inner side, surface)

      parte de dentro feminine
      parte de adentro feminine Latin America
      the jacket's padded on the inside la chaqueta es acolchada por dentro

    • 1.3

      (of racetrack) parte más cercana al centro
      he tried to pass me on the inside me quiso adelantar por la derecha

    • 1.4(of organization)

      we've got a man on the inside tenemos a alguien infiltrado

  • 2insides plural

    (internal organs)
    tripas feminine informal


  • 1

    • 1.1(within)

      dentro de
      inside the building dentro del edificio
      • an actor must get inside a character's skin el actor debe compenetrarse con el personaje

    • 1.2(into)

      he followed her inside the bar la siguió al interior / hasta dentro del bar

  • 2informal

    (in expressions of time)
    we did the journey inside 3 hours hicimos el viaje en menos de 3 horas
    • she finished 2 seconds inside (of) the previous record batió el récord anterior por 2 segundos


  • 1

    adentro Latin America
    what's inside? ¿qué hay dentro?
    • I had a strange feeling inside sentí una cosa por dentro
    • deep down inside I know that … en el fondo yo sé que …
    • No lights were on inside the embassy, even though I visited at one in the afternoon.
    • The restaurant has an outdoor terrace and a few tables situated inside.
    • Lights are on inside the house but no one can hear her silent cries for help.
    • A casino and arcade games will also be situated inside the house itself.
    • There is a low light inside the house, which emanates through the front windows and out onto the veranda.
    • Anyway, after I cut some eyes, a nose and a mouth in it and lit a tea candle inside the thing, it did look quite eerie.
    • There is nothing more gray, stultifying, or dreary than a life lived inside the confines of a theory.
    • The light inside the building blasted into her eyes, making her have to blink many times to get used to it.
    • By the waning light inside the teepee, Laurie and Gil knew that night was approaching.
    • His grotto is decorated with rooftop snow and festive lights and inside the chalet the floor is littered with presents.
    • The salty breeze and the large beach are a welcome relief for many who are cooped up inside flats and apartments.
    • A light went on inside the café and a moment later Yevy peered through the window, then unlocked the door.
    • The crafts themselves can also be created using small hot air balloons or ordinary balloons with lights inside them.
    • His powder-blue eyes were dimmed into greyness by the brown light inside the store.
    • It must be freezing out there, or perhaps it's just hot inside the confines of the apartment.
    • When you push the buttons on the back of him, he punches, and when you press down to write, a light inside the thing flashes.
    • He says they gave us more light and the air inside the house will be much, much better.
    • The child was finally found huddled inside a flat with her mother, surrounded by bin bags full of rotting food.
    • Also visible without binoculars, was a circle of lights inside the larger circle.
    • There was no light except for the light inside the tanks and the computers running by themselves.
  • 2

    adentro Latin America
    come inside pasa
  • 3informal

    (in prison)
    entre rejas informal
    a la sombra informal
    • Some have committed murder while inside and then got a life sentence on top.
    • A lot of the prisoners write about how hard it is inside and hopefully when they leave prison they will reflect on this.


  • 1

    (pages) interior
    (pocket) interior
    (pocket) de dentro
    (pocket) de adentro Latin America
    what's your inside leg measurement? ¿cuánto tiene / mide de entrepierna?
    • Josh tucked the flashlight back into the inside pocket of his open jacket and pulled out his set of keys.
    • He had the cigarettes hidden away and the lighter hidden away somewhere in an inside pocket.
    • She reached a pale hand into the inside pocket of her messenger bag and pulled out an automatic pistol.
    • He rummaged through his inside coat pocket and pulled out a small and very slim recording tape.
    • Carry your wallet in an inside pocket, preferably one which can fasten never in your back pocket
    • He reached into the inside pocket of the black suit he was wearing and pulled out a small, red jewel.
    • Mr. Taylor drew a folded up collection of papers from the inside pocket of his gray overcoat.
    • He took out his cell phone and said something quickly into it, then returned it to his inside pocket.
    • Then pulled out a metallic spray can from the inside pocket of his heavy trench coat.
    • And to ensure she does not lose the ring, she says she will glue it to the inside pocket of her suit.
    • His hand brushed across his inside pocket, where he felt the outline of the key.
    • Purses and wallets in coat pockets make for an easy target, so put your cash, cards and keys in an inside pocket well out of reach.
    • He followed the sentry into the restroom, hand reaching into his inside pocket.
    • Sprinkle water every hour on the pot to keep down the inside temperature.
    • He reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a bag filled with brown leaves.
    • Lazarus pulled it out of the inside pocket of his robe, where he put it earlier, and handed it to the old man.
    • He grabbed it off the wall, reached for his inside pocket and thought his hand had entered a fire pit.
    • Ivan folded the message, put it in the inside pocket of his coat and timidly turned round.
    • He tucks it swiftly in the inside pocket of his denim jacket, and will never feel the need to wear a comedy
    • For an example of this, look at the inside cover of a Canadian passport.
  • 2

    (from within group)
    (information) de dentro
    (information) de adentro Latin America
    police think the robbery was an inside job la policía cree que alguien de la empresa (or casa etc.) está implicado en el robo
    • the inside story on the latest Royal scandal la verdad sobre el último escándalo de la casa real
    • Other than an inside account of the competing pressures on Annan, however, there is little new information here.
    • So not fair how the inside buzz on all things celeb are only for Tinseltownies?
    • Also ahead here, an inside look at one of the most powerful families in American politics.
    • I travel up from Portsmouth and with a bit of inside knowledge I can safely say Wanderers will finish above Pompey.
    • The vast majority of these tips are simply links to other published sources, not original bits of inside info.
    • Next, we were hearing from inside sources that the targets might in fact be Somalia or Sudan.
    • While family members may not respond to these epistles, we do know some of the inside details.
    • I have a little inside skinny on M.I.A.'s progress - a friend of mine named Dylan is running sound for her tour.
    • We have an inside source who was present at the rally and is familiar with the reporters involved.
    • I will give you the inside scoop on some of the best freebies offered on the site.
    • It's an inside look and commentary on Sandman, and an excellent one.