Translation of insidious in Spanish:


insidioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɪdiəs//ɪnˈsɪdɪəs/


  • 1

    • The onset is more insidious in brain tumors and the progress to vomiting is gradual.
    • Nuclear disc lesions are of gradual or insidious onset, the history may be on and off back pain for weeks and back pain getting worse.
    • Silently and stealthily this insidious, progressive disease has taken over.
    • An offshoot of ventriloquist journalism, these are one of the more insidious forms of misinformation.
    • Their approach tends to be more subtle - and perhaps even more insidious.
    • Significantly, even continuous low-level noise can be an insidious stressor.
    • The current ubiquity of advertising is certainly one of its most subtle and insidious properties.
    • This trade recession will be just as insidious in its effects as any market blowout.
    • The obstruction and harassment is subtle but insidious and seriously affects the ability of the aid agencies to do their job.
    • The most insidious marketing comes from the baby food companies.
    • It need by no means be obvious: it can be insidious and subtle.
    • Our sport is rife with that same insidious elitism that has decayed the core of other field sports, which now face the very real prospect of being outlawed.
    • There was the slow, insidious change from fresh-faced beauty to freak.
    • Slow calibration drift is a subtle and insidious source of unreliable instrument readings.
    • Increases in childhood obesity and insidious health problems are, we suspect, linked to an increased consumption of junk food.
    • Yet the incursions on free speech can be insidious and imperceptible.
    • But what makes this disease insidious is that in most cases it goes undetected until it's too late.
    • The more insidious problem that will remain is stacking the ballot paper in a deliberate attempt to increase the informal vote.
    • Dyens eventually left France, feeling overwhelmed by what he saw as insidious, unspoken racism.
    • The propaganda is so insidious in the Murdoch press you can't even distinguish between news and opinion.