Translation of insoluble in Spanish:


insoluble, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɑljəb(ə)l//ɪnˈsɒljʊb(ə)l/


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    • Important pigments include inorganic oxides and insoluble salts, which are mechanically mixed in a coating material.
    • The calcite is an insoluble mineral, which upon death of the organisms sinks to the floor of the body of water and accumulates in the sediment.
    • When the number of carbons is greater than 12, the materials are nearly insoluble in water.
    • It runs into the gel, and always at the same size, but it's insoluble?
    • Like all fatty acids stearic acid is insoluble in water, but is soluble in ether and hot alcohol.
    • Copal is a general term for very hard, insoluble resins, where the polymer is usually cross-linked to form a tough matrix.
    • The gums are insoluble in alcohol while the resins or oleo-resins will pass completely into solution.
    • The reaction of calcium ions with oxalic acid produces an insoluble solid, calcium oxalate.
    • There it combines with carbon dioxide from the air to produce calcium carbonate (an insoluble material) and water.
    • The insoluble potassium perchlorate was removed by centrifugation at 500 g for 3 min.
    • When calcium and magnesium ions in the filtrate combine with phosphate radicals, either soluble or insoluble salts will form.
    • The resulting calcium carbonate is quite insoluble in water and sinks to the bottom.
    • The exact figures for wines vary slightly according to grape variety and region, but experience shows that about a half of the tartrate soluble in grape juice is insoluble in wine.
    • Biological molecules that are insoluble in aqueous solutions and soluble in organic solvents are classified as lipids.
    • Because these vitamins are insoluble in water, they tend not to be lost in cooking.
    • It is virtually insoluble in water, but it will dissolve in organic solvents.
    • Bilirubin is difficult to excrete because internal hydrogen bonding makes it almost completely insoluble in water.
    • The catalyst is mostly insoluble in this solvent at room temperature so subsequent cooling allowed them to precipitate it for recovery.
    • They are generally insoluble in water, and dissolve in nonpolar solvents.
    • The compound nickel dimethylglyoxime looks like strawberry-pink lipstick, insoluble in water.
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    (problem/equation/mystery) insoluble
    (problem/equation/mystery) sin solución
    • There were no bad endings, no insoluble questions.
    • The prime minister faces a seemingly insoluble dilemma.
    • While we are bound to get the hang of such a new system soon, the nappy problems sound insoluble.
    • It's probably one of those insoluble mysteries, like what happened to the crew of the Marie Celeste, or where I put down my mug of tea.
    • Racism in our country is a situation which is still a very difficult one, but not insoluble.
    • Is it good enough in this day and age to accept it as an insoluble problem and allow it to continue?
    • Sometimes, it seems insoluble and very frustrating for those of us who have to ask questions on both sides of the ledger.
    • There is a dilemma here, but it is not insoluble.
    • There is no insoluble and eternal waste problem as with nuclear power.
    • He promises that there are no insoluble puzzles in the story - if you pay attention, Primer eventually gives up all its ghosts.
    • The whole affair still disturbs Barr who as an engineer is not averse to wrestling for long hours with a seemingly insoluble technical problem, but he really would like to move on.
    • Often it seems that Africa's problems are insoluble.
    • But therein lay a seemingly insoluble dilemma: that way - the only way - did not seem a possible way.
    • With a bit of tweaking, we can translate this as: the architecture of our symbolic systems runs into insoluble difficulties at the edges.
    • His married life was dominated by an insoluble dilemma.
    • Before the Jubilee the dilemma may have looked insoluble.
    • He also found there was no evidence that insoluble problems would be caused for the management of elections if the deposits requirement was not there.
    • The sneaky truth was that Loyd's puzzle was insoluble - something that contemporaneous mathematicians soon proved.
    • The most immediate priorities facing her on the arts front are either insoluble or politically weighted.
    • Since this stand-off is logically insoluble, despair is indeed understandable.