Translation of inspect in Spanish:


revisar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈspɛkt//ɪnˈspɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (look closely at)
    (camera/car) revisar
    (camera/car) examinar
    to inspect sth for sth
    • we inspected their hair for lice les revisamos el pelo para ver si tenían piojos
    • The difficulty is that the court must decide whether the document has been inadvertently inspected.
    • After inspecting it more closely, we were surprised to discover that it was a brass telescope, with all the optics still in place!
    • Framed on the wall, it looks pictorial, until you inspect its relief and discover its sculptural elements.
    • Periodically, they are visited by a sinister official who inspects their papers and sometimes buys or confiscates a new fiddle.
    • After closely inspecting the truck and its cargo and searching the two boys they motioned them to go on.
    • The two of them went outside and inspected the area just below the broken window.
    • Toby must have noticed me inspecting the pages, as he snatched them from my view in a swift movement.
    • No constable or bailiff can knock at the door and demand entry so as to inspect papers or documents.
    • He runs outside and inspects the car for any telltale signs of the encounter.
    • I watch as John starts to log the vehicle's details on his computer, but am slightly puzzled when he leans over and closely inspects its wheels.
    • The accepted practice is that a consultant simply reviews the contractor's work, while a supervisor inspects and directs the work.
    • Carefully inspect the display of rocks for footprints, claw marks and tail drags made by primitive reptiles.
    • The council has already inspected four sites to assess how suitable they are.
    • Health and safety experts are currently inspecting the building to check that it's safe.
    • To my amusement, she inspects it closely, with serious expression.
    • I have instructed a Building Surveyor to inspect the works and am awaiting his report.
    • After inspecting the equipment they discovered that there had been a leak.
    • This means it will be given extra cash to improve standards, and will be regularly inspected by Government teams.
    • The CDC, which oversees cruise ship sanitation, inspects all vessels calling upon U.S. ports, and Texas-based ships have received good reports.
    • The Authority is able to monitor compliance with the law and directions by inspecting licensed premises.
    • This condition should be used when inspecting firearms as well as storing them in secure areas.
    • Since that time the parties have been unable to agree upon the procedure for inspecting and producing the documents.
    • Labor Ready says it inspects job sites to ensure safety and requires workers to report unsafe conditions, but many employees tell a different story.
    • She looked at it closely, like a detective inspecting the scene of the crime.
    • He or she also inspects your skin and the inside and outside of your nose.
    • Food officers also regularly inspect their premises to ensure they comply with the regulations.
    • As he inspected it further he noticed a slight discoloring in the brick.
    • The findings may come as a surprise to anyone who closely inspects Dewar's record in office.
    • Let me just offer a few sage observations after having traveled the aisles inspecting the wares.
    • This means that their entire nuclear programme is continually being inspected and monitored.
    • The Council is to send an expert to inspect the trees to assess their condition.
    • The ministry has created a special department for environmental inspection, which regularly inspects industrial plants and assesses their compliance with environment law.
    • I inspected it closely and noticed a couple of things that may have been the cause of the problem.
    • A regulatory organisation of both regional and international credibility, SANAS inspects laboratories to ensure they conform to international standards before they are accredited.
    • You of course have copies of the documents you now wish to inspect.
    • It would be normal procedure for any incoming tenant to have the building inspected by the surveyor, and that is what they did.
    • Licensed fur farms are inspected to assess compliance with the Council of Europe recommendations.
    • She was shocked and horrified when she went to inspect the premises and discovered the extent of the damage.
    • Three other incoming jets were asked to over-fly the airport while safety officials inspected the runway.
    • Operators who will be inspecting and testing the systems also must be sufficiently trained.
  • 2

    (examine officially)
    (restaurant/school) inspeccionar
    (equipment) inspeccionar
    (equipment) revisar
    to inspect sth for sth
    • inspect the documents for any discrepancies revisen los documentos para comprobar si hay alguna discrepancia
  • 3

    (troops) pasar revista a