Translation of inspectorate in Spanish:


cuerpo de inspectores, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈspɛktərət//ɪnˈspɛktərət/


  • 1

    cuerpo de inspectores masculine
    inspección feminine
    • Councillors agreed that proposals should be drawn up to ensure the inspectorate communicated with the council on concerns that it had about homes.
    • As a result it is for the relevant inspectorates to apply parameters and criteria in connection with individual products as they consider appropriate.
    • The school has now appealed against the decision and an inquiry will be held before an inspector from the planning inspectorate.
    • The labour inspectorate inspected the workplace, and saw that it was good.
    • The only way to regulate the industry is through an independent inspectorate.
    • The secretary of state is clearly alert to the dangers of extra funding being dissipated in non-productive ways, hence the announcement of two new inspectorates to ensure value for money in the health and social care areas.
    • They propose merging eight government inspectorates into one, under a more independent Audit Commission.
    • It insists no one will be inappropriately housed by 2006 and a new inspectorate will scrutinise institutions.
    • From Scottish Opera to Hampden, from the schools inspectorate to the civil service, windows are being thrown open to let in the light.
    • As the matter is so controversial, it would be in the interests of all concerned for the planning inspectorate to recommend that a public inquiry be held.
    • This opens up the prospect of contractors in a host of hazardous activities being theoretically regulated by their own national inspectorates, but in reality not being regulated at all.
    • The labour inspectorate will ultimately ensure that employers are in compliance.
    • There are also inspectorates for specific functions to ensure public health and safety.
    • A spokesman for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, which oversees the inspectorate, described the situation as bizarre.
    • I believe red tape, bureaucracy, regulations, inspectorates, commissions, quangos, ‘czars’, ‘units’ and ‘targets’ came to help and protect us, but now we need protection from them.
    • The statement said members wanted a meeting with the Commission for Social Care Inspection, as the inspectorate is now called.
    • The widow asked for discovery of an internal report by the defendants submitted to the railway inspectorate and the ministry.
    • The children of Ofsted staff joined their parents at the inspectorate's Holborn offices as part of Take Your Child to Work Day.
    • The High Court agreed as it found the inspectorate to be at fault.
    • These eight were passed on to the health inspectorate and the prosecution authorities.