Translation of inspire in Spanish:


inspirar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈspʌɪə//ɪnˈspaɪ(ə)r/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(arouse)

      (confidence/love) inspirar
      (fear/respect) inspirar
      (fear/respect) infundir
      (hope/courage) infundir
      to inspire sb with sth
      • the news inspired us with new hope la noticia nos infundió nuevas esperanzas
      • she doesn't inspire me with confidence no me inspira confianza
      • So why do certain animals invoke admiration while others inspire pity or disdain?
      • All I will say is that he was a leader who inspired love and loyalty and keep us fighting, 18 hours a day, over five weeks to victory.
      • The coy reticence that he exhibits when asked the tough questions about his position don't inspire confidence in his motives and agenda.
      • ‘No problem’ in America created apprehension, but in Bulgaria it inspired confidence.
      • The gearbox is tight, but positive and the steering inspires confidence.
      • What if the other party nominates a candidate whose record doesn't inspire confidence with respect to national security?
      • This way also probably inspires a feeling of equality, which is what today's woman seeks.
      • I'm feeling a little lost and alone right now, which I didn't realise until the movie inspired the feelings in me.
      • I want to know how he did it; I want to know how he rose to such an all-powerful position and inspired the fanatical love and worship from so many of his followers.
      • The art of the Baroque explores the wild and joyful feelings inspired by the end of winter and this is displayed in the fabrics and textures of the new fashions.
      • Little in this record was calculated to inspire enthusiasm among the electors of the Ulivo coalition, let alone those who had voted against it.
      • The word inspires feelings of hostility among many Christians here in the United States.
      • It inspires feelings of affection and loyalty and such feelings are to be valued, not carelessly disregarded.
      • He inspires love and loyalty, makes a strategic marriage but never loses sight of his boyhood love Hephaistion and never loses his eye for a pretty boy.
      • Just reading the name inspires feeling of pity - imagine sharing your middle name with a town most famous for having an unusually large bus station.
      • Witney is a town that, whilst undergoing change that at times can be traumatic, inspires affection and loyalty in its residents.
      • What inspired that feeling and that feeling itself make up the raw data with which our minds work - acknowledged, analyzed, they keep us on track.
      • But they've left it late, and their track record doesn't inspire confidence.
      • Some saying that a turn over in those key positions might help inspire confidence here at the White House.
      • The judges were powerful men and their social rank and position inspired loyalty.

    • 1.2(influence, encourage)

      to inspire sb to sth
      • it inspired us to renewed efforts nos sirvió de estímulo / de acicate para redoblar nuestros esfuerzos
      • what inspired you to do that? ¿qué te llevó / movió a hacer eso?
      • It displays the workings of the press in a way that inspires one to never believe a word he reads again.
      • He spoke briefly about the things which inspired him to begin his film making career, and then let his creations do his talking for him.
      • Taking a breath, I began to sing, letting Brody Armstrong's voice fill my head and inspire me to sing.
      • I've also inspired one of my friends to get back into it.
      • As such, I am inspired by the creative solutions of many companies protecting their intellectual property.
      • The ArtAbout group was formed in 1999 by Northern Rivers artists who wanted to share ideas and inspire one another.
      • The challenge inspires me to urge the government to decide boldly to go ahead with the Bid.
      • Pat's athletic ability inspired him to use his talents for the betterment of many local charities and so began a lifetime of running marathons for both worthy local causes and national charities.
      • Discerning, astute, uncompromising, his leadership inspired one to venture against all odds.
      • I was inspired by my creative writing class to write a chapter-by-chapter plot of the revision.
      • We're creatively inspired by these really thorny issues.
      • Let them stimulate your creativity and inspire you to begin a certification project in your own association.
      • There's something about mountains, the way they inspire us, fill us with hopes and dreams.
      • It's no secret these are roughly analogous to major chakra points, and they've even inspired me on my creative ventures.
      • The balconies are empty, but these romantic houses inspire me.
      • Instead, after interviewing Juliette, her life story and philosophy inspired us to make it our feature story.
      • They all encouraged my creativity and inspired me in many ways.
      • I was inspired by their ability to survive the Canadian winters and was always curious about what they wore on their feet.
      • However, their recent press advertising campaign inspires one to blog.
      • Some courses are poorly marketed and hardly inspire one to join.

    • 1.3(give inspiration for)

      (writing/painting/music) inspirar
      this song was inspired by something that happened to me esta canción está inspirada en algo que me sucedió
      • a work clearly inspired by Renaissance art una obra de inspiración claramente renacentista
      • the Bible is said to be divinely inspired se dice que la Biblia fue escrita por inspiración divina
      • These plaits and twists are inspired by African tribal styles, with a hint of Asia and sometimes even South America.
      • His costume, boots, pants all were inspired by the style of that period.
      • Constructed in 1921 in a style inspired by Tang Dynasty architecture, the building was listed as a Grade 3 heritage site in 1988.
      • Prague was the only city in which an architectural style inspired by Cubism developed.
      • Heading this new effort to bring styles inspired by the famous professional golfer to the market is David Capano, a former senior executive at Vantage.
      • This mood sharply contrasts last season's hard, flat, angular styles, which were inspired by the 1980s, said Gray.
      • Its style was heavily inspired by the Dogme films from Denmark.
      • A Scottish author whose novel inspired one of the most controversial movies in cinema history has revealed he is to write a sequel.
      • The collection is inspired by colour and styles of various international cricket teams and features cartoon characters in some truly explosive cricket action.
      • For instance, seeing O'Toole and Burton spar in the pro-cleric film Beckett helped inspire my studies of medieval history.
      • The film inspired two sequels and a cult TV series.
      • His textiles were presented in a style inspired by various traditional clothes in Asia.
      • Even more backward-looking are the works inspired by the styles of other artists, such as the watercolors he created in Venice, with their clear echoes of Turner.
      • His style combines Mannerist formulas inspired by his years in Rome with a breadth of handling in the tradition of late Titian and Tintoretto.
      • It was his time in the minors that Boras says inspired his no-holds-barred negotiating style.
      • That rise was inspired by the launch of the company's NavStream 3000 platform, which allows accurate indoor and outdoor positioning across a range of devices.
      • The style is inspired by a futuristic vision of the world as depicted by the TV shows and films of the swinging sixties.
      • Bell relays the brothers' story in broad pantomime style, with costumes inspired by the Victorian era's Orientalist notions.
      • Asante's decision to make her central character an 18-year-old racist white girl was inspired by the rise in girl gang crime a few years ago.
      • Burberry says its 2002 collections were inspired by the inimitable style of London in the 1960s.

  • 2

    (oxygen/air) inspirar
    (air/oxygen) aspirar
    • In the current study, breathing pattern was measured using a pneumotachograph attached to a T piece while the patient inspired supplemental oxygen.

intransitive verb


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