Translation of inspired in Spanish:


inspirado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈspaɪ(ə)rd//ɪnˈspʌɪəd/


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    I don't feel very inspired today hoy no estoy muy inspirada
    • it was inspired casting to give her that role fue una inspiración elegirla para ese papel
    • the orchids were an inspired choice las orquídeas fueron todo un acierto
    • I wasn't sure; it was just an inspired guess / idea no estaba segura, fue solo una inspiración
    • he played like a man inspired tocó como por inspiración divina
    • It was during this period that Stephen Hayden produced a series of inspired saves along with the industrious work of Lowry and Tom Dooley to keep the scoreline in balance.
    • I have met and talked with many people who are open to inspired revelations outside the Bible.
    • Far from it, Revelation is an inspired piece of writing in which God speaks to our hearts and raises our hopes and expectations.
    • Although it was an inspired guess, I'm afraid we can tell you it's incorrect.
    • Now, I am certain that priestly charism transubstantiates my lame lay prose into inspired revelation, but do not my efforts smack of presumption!
    • In the second half, York lay siege to the Rotherham goal but found the visiting shot-stopper still in inspired form with saves to deny Joe Dale, Jamie Hopcutt and Tom Corner.
    • Save for the occasional inspired moniker, they tend to be humdrum offerings.
    • But for some inspired saves from City goalkeeper Mark Ovendale, United would surely have claimed not just a point but all three.
    • Isn't my sputtering rather feeble compared to the inspired apocalyptic rants being posted by some world class ranters?
    • In addition, he has both the star quality we were looking for and is an inspired lyricist.
    • While hardly approaching August's inspired revelation, I think it gives a good picture of how this situation survives.
    • Here, we have seventy-two songs, most of inspired creation and a good many of masterful quality.
    • The film's greatest creative coup is the inspired casting of Mary Hilton.
    • Thus, infallibility is a negative charism, not a positive act of inspired prophecy.
    • Revelation is an inspired perspective on what the world looks like after God perfects it according to God s divine and judging will.
    • We all tried to pin down that ineffable quality of inspired classroom activity that can't be made digital and stuffed down an Ethernet cable.
    • Somebody in the US government is going to have to make an inspired guess, and the country will have to live with it for a very long time to come.
    • You also have to guess the speed rating of the film in most instances, with the ASA value being an inspired guess by the manufacturer.
    • Among his inspired predictions are a few that I'd say had better hurry up and be accomplished.
    • But it had arisen from an act of inspired tinkering with what was still, in many respects, classical physics.