Translation of installation in Spanish:


instalación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnstəˈleɪʃ(ə)n//ɪnstəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(of equipment, machinery, telephone etc)

      instalación feminine
      • This is followed by installation of dashboard wiring, the airbag holder, air ducts and metal clamps.
      • The increase applies to installation, line rental and phone call charges for landlines, including ISDN services.
      • Providing the Scottish home improvement market with a quality, reliable and professional installation service, says Steel, is Homesmart's initial challenge.
      • They have also been able to increase the installation of sanitary equipment used by patients and hospital staff.
      • Our installation and configuration procedure follows this version.
      • Improvements include window replacements, central heating installation, upgrades to loft and cavity insulation, kitchen modernisation and rewiring.
      • Yesterday rollout of the complete payload took place, followed by installation onto the launcher.
      • There was no manual, no quick installation guide.
      • The contract, signed in Mumbai on April 19 encompasses hardware, site installation services and ATM Network Management Services.
      • The offer includes a $250 rebate for installation and setup charges.
      • His standard delivery charge includes plumbing and installation, plus removal of the old appliance and all packaging.
      • The installation ceremony will be followed by a public reception from 11 a.m. to noon in the Scheman building.
      • For example, delivery or installation charges imposed on a debtor under a credit agreement that would also have been charged to a cash purchaser will be excluded.
      • IBM does not charge for installation and first year maintenance, while BCC does.
      • After Saturday's installation ceremony, the new bishop met the people of the diocese in the cathedral grounds and later at a reception in St. Leo's College Assembly Hall.
      • Introducing regulations for electrical contractors will save lives by improving installation standards, according to the main opposition party.
      • But Langton's return from Rome resulted in Pandulf's legatine authority being cancelled in 1221 and his installation as bishop followed.
      • The connection charges cover the purchase of the satellite dish and indoor broadband unit, plus a charge for installation.
      • For our first test, we chose a virtually identical XP machine and followed the same installation procedure as we had for the first.
      • The installation of the equipment means the task of providing clean linen for forty clients each week will become the work of one day rather than the present 40 hours it takes.

    • 1.2(of official)

      investidura feminine

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    instalación feminine
    an electrical/a heating installation una instalación eléctrica/de calefacción
    • The work is being carried out by Thames Water and the electricity installations by EDF Energy.
    • The firm will look after the mechanical and electrical installations for a new Home Office Central London Accommodation Strategy project - HOCLAS.
    • Medical personnel, equipment and installations were to be respected and identified by a distinctive emblem - a Red Cross and Crescent on a white background.
    • With 45,000 square feet of raised flooring, major new equipment installations can be assimilated by the prewired and pre-bussed underfloor.
    • Mr Zulu also said the main processing equipment and other sensitive installations had not been affected by the fire except for the quality control room where equipment was completely destroyed.
    • In the garden, fixed lighting, pond pumps, and electrical installations in sheds and garages are now subject to the new regulations.
    • We confirm that the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services installations are now in a state of Practical Completion.
    • Causes suggested include industrial equipment such as pumps, fans, electrical installations and cooling towers - and domestic appliances such as fridges or even fish tanks.
    • Additional equipment installations also are permitted topside.
    • To the west is the technical wing containing the radio communications equipment and installations connected to the antennae.
    • Under the new legislation, the BC Safety Authority will replace the provincial safety engineering division to monitor gas and electrical installations.
    • Defects in such ancillary equipment as central heating boilers or electrical installations would be subject to the normal Donoghue v Stevenson principle if such defects gave rise to damage to other parts of the building.
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    instalación militar feminine
    • Convoys of troops and helicopter gunships have been observed leaving military installations around the capital.
    • I use the excellent fitness equipment provided on most installations, and the pools available in some places.
    • Both sites are military installations at which Trident nuclear warheads are manufactured (and other activities carried on).
    • Many supplies and much equipment necessary to support the defense of Bataan were lost at forward supply depots, military installations, or the Manila area.
    • Churchill brazenly lied to the House of Commons and the public, claiming that only military and industrial installations were targeted.
    • It also means that India will have to clearly separate its military nuclear installations from the civilian ones, a much needed and welcome move.
    • Illegal aliens are working in airports, nuclear power plants, chemical facilities and military installations.
    • During the first and second wars, Chechen rebels sought to acquire radioactive and biological materials, plotted to hijack a nuclear submarine and cased military nuclear installations.
    • The aiming points thereafter, for bombing raids, were no longer military or industrial installations, but a church or other significant spot in the centre of industrial towns.
    • We were also employed to camouflage military installations and factories.
    • The Delta IV submarines are strategic nuclear missile submarines designed to carry out strikes on military and industrial installations and naval bases.
    • Military installations, nuclear facilities and universities are just a few examples of places that might become terrorist targets.
    • Combat planes are stationed in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait and weapons storage and other installations are located elsewhere in the Gulf.
    • They were moved between power stations, oil refineries, military installations and factories, as their captors tried to cover possible bomb targets.
    • He admitted after the Bali bombing that had the government acted on every piece of raw intelligence, many railways, airports, shopping centres, and military installations would have had to be shut down.
    • The state became an armed fortress as the United States established 172 military installations in it.
    • Power stations, airports and certain radio stations would have been blown up and key military installations would have been taken over.
    • Nuclear power stations are patrolled night and day; military installations are at their highest level of alert.
    • The Pentagon uses the prime vendor program to buy nearly everything, excluding weapons, to outfit troops in military installations.
    • The goal of base closure is to move all of the affected units, soldiers, families, and equipment to other installations while properly accounting for everything and everyone.