Translation of instant in Spanish:


instantáneo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnst(ə)nt//ˈɪnstənt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(immediate)

      (success/results) instantáneo
      (results/success) inmediato
      (relief) instantáneo
      (relief) en el acto
      she took an instant dislike to him le tomó antipatía inmediatamente
      • instant death muerte instantánea / en el acto
      • an instant reply una respuesta inmediata
      • instant pictures instantáneas
      • instant credit crédito inmediato / instantáneo
      • instant gratification gratificación / satisfacción inmediata
      • Right now, the object of the game is instant wealth.
      • However, in some cases, instant dismissal may be justified if the conduct of the employee is serious and wilful.
      • There is now a need for instant hits that immediately grab the public attention - difficult when potential viewers have so many other options.
      • The difference with OnePlan is that it gives borrowers instant access to this money via a mortgage chequebook.
      • Shifting rubble too quickly can mean instant death for both Prakash Gore and the rescue team.
      • He demanded that million dollar severance payments be banned and that directors of large companies be made liable to instant dismissal.
      • If you go in expecting instant results, prepare to be disappointed.
      • The small earthenware exported to Malaysia three months ago was an instant hit there.
      • Not so with e-mail, which combines instant delivery with minimal effort.
      • If only some parts of your business need instant information, proceed accordingly.
      • The home side took the lead but Carbury nearly had an instant response when an effort from Paul Masterson struck the post.
      • A single telephone call there results in instant response.
      • The proposed Employment Law Reform Bill will change the requirement for instant dismissal in the case of serious misconduct.
      • But can these long-term goals overcome consumers' short attention spans and need for instant gratification?
      • Even brands that have enjoyed decades of success and have instant recognition with consumers can lose some sparkle.
      • What are they supposed to do - fester resentfully, or score a credit card and spend a month's salary on instant gratification?
      • Patients expect hospitals, like other businesses, to have instant access to data.
      • Terry was so surprised at her instant reply, she quickly gave her a hug.
      • But intense pressure for instant e-business success has led many companies to open their doors before the paint's dry.
      • Erice gained instant popularity as a director of children; sweet and tender stories were expected of him.

    • 1.2Cooking

      (coffee/mashed potatoes) instantáneo
      • Unless it's a new type of instant food product on an advert, obviously - that is a revolution too.
      • With their increasingly high consumption of snacks and instant foods, is there any hope?
      • These markers indicate rices that are ideal for products such as canned soups or instant rice mixes.
      • Common high-glycemic foods include baked potatoes, boiled new potatoes, corn flakes, dates, and instant rice.
      • A heap of Scottish mince with instant pasta and cartoned passata can pass for lasagne.
      • Foods with high GI include white bread, potatoes, instant rice, and cornflakes.
      • Still, it focuses on cosmetics partially made by green tea, and instant foods made from green tea.
      • Mark my wise words - start stocking up on yer instant food and tins!
      • While instant food can never be as fresh or wholesome as how grandmother made it, it is a better option for hotel food, which is yet another reason for its growing popularity.
      • Health Valley has a line of four fabulous instant hot cereal cups that have roughly half as much sugar as Quaker instant cereals.
      • The team is urgently seeking storage space in the Tokyo Tower vicinity to keep bottled water, blankets, tents, canned and instant food and other supplies.
      • Now to move all the supplies - including blankets, instant food, water, canned food, milk, rice - to another train.
      • Just stir them in with a little of their oil, and you have instant pasta with wild mushrooms.
      • Japanese instant snack noodles hope to dump their junk food status and soar to the higher gastronomical rank of space cuisine.
      • Pour 1 large box of instant chocolate pudding into a bowl along with 3 ½ cups milk.
      • Ruchi also has instant food mixes, spice powders and asafoetida under its belt, apart from a small presence in dates.
      • Called Lumberjack Pie, it consists of instant potato, Spam, baked beans and Cheddar cheese.
      • No instant foods, no TV dinners, no cake mixes ever trespassed into my mother's kitchen.
      • The inflation rate edged up in December as a result of higher prices of key consumer products such as vegetable oil, soybean oil, and instant food.
      • Look at the stuff we ate then: Smash instant potato, Vesta curry and, an experimental addition to our school dinner menu, cheese meringue.

  • 2Britishdated

    (of current month)
    in your letter of the 5thinstant en su carta del 5 de los corrientes Spain formal


  • 1

    (precise moment)
    instante masculine
    come here this instant! ¡ven aquí en este mismo instante / ahora mismo!
    • at that (very) instant en ese (mismo) instante / momento
    • as conj the instant (that) the bell rang, everyone rushed out en cuanto sonó el timbre / no bien sonó el timbre, todos salieron precipitadamente
    • let me know the instant he arrives avíseme en cuanto llegue / no bien llegue
  • 2

    (short time)
    momento masculine
    instante masculine
    in an instant en un momento / instante
    • for an instant I thought it was him por un instante pensé que era él
    • not an instant too soon justo a tiempo