Translation of instant in Spanish:


instantáneo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnstənt//ˈɪnst(ə)nt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(immediate)

      (results/success) instantáneo
      (success/results) inmediato
      (relief) instantáneo
      (relief) en el acto
      she took an instant dislike to him le cayó mal desde el primer momento
      • instant death muerte instantánea / en el acto
      • an instant reply una respuesta inmediata
      • instant pictures instantáneas
      • instant credit crédito inmediato / instantáneo
      • instant gratification gratificación / satisfacción inmediata
      • He demanded that million dollar severance payments be banned and that directors of large companies be made liable to instant dismissal.
      • Terry was so surprised at her instant reply, she quickly gave her a hug.
      • A single telephone call there results in instant response.
      • However, in some cases, instant dismissal may be justified if the conduct of the employee is serious and wilful.
      • Not so with e-mail, which combines instant delivery with minimal effort.
      • What are they supposed to do - fester resentfully, or score a credit card and spend a month's salary on instant gratification?
      • If you go in expecting instant results, prepare to be disappointed.
      • But can these long-term goals overcome consumers' short attention spans and need for instant gratification?
      • The home side took the lead but Carbury nearly had an instant response when an effort from Paul Masterson struck the post.
      • Patients expect hospitals, like other businesses, to have instant access to data.
      • Shifting rubble too quickly can mean instant death for both Prakash Gore and the rescue team.
      • The difference with OnePlan is that it gives borrowers instant access to this money via a mortgage chequebook.
      • Right now, the object of the game is instant wealth.
      • There is now a need for instant hits that immediately grab the public attention - difficult when potential viewers have so many other options.
      • But intense pressure for instant e-business success has led many companies to open their doors before the paint's dry.
      • Erice gained instant popularity as a director of children; sweet and tender stories were expected of him.
      • The proposed Employment Law Reform Bill will change the requirement for instant dismissal in the case of serious misconduct.
      • The small earthenware exported to Malaysia three months ago was an instant hit there.
      • If only some parts of your business need instant information, proceed accordingly.
      • Even brands that have enjoyed decades of success and have instant recognition with consumers can lose some sparkle.

    • 1.2Cooking

      (coffee/mashed potatoes) instantáneo
      • Pour 1 large box of instant chocolate pudding into a bowl along with 3 ½ cups milk.
      • Called Lumberjack Pie, it consists of instant potato, Spam, baked beans and Cheddar cheese.
      • Japanese instant snack noodles hope to dump their junk food status and soar to the higher gastronomical rank of space cuisine.
      • Common high-glycemic foods include baked potatoes, boiled new potatoes, corn flakes, dates, and instant rice.
      • With their increasingly high consumption of snacks and instant foods, is there any hope?
      • A heap of Scottish mince with instant pasta and cartoned passata can pass for lasagne.
      • Still, it focuses on cosmetics partially made by green tea, and instant foods made from green tea.
      • Health Valley has a line of four fabulous instant hot cereal cups that have roughly half as much sugar as Quaker instant cereals.
      • Unless it's a new type of instant food product on an advert, obviously - that is a revolution too.
      • The team is urgently seeking storage space in the Tokyo Tower vicinity to keep bottled water, blankets, tents, canned and instant food and other supplies.
      • Look at the stuff we ate then: Smash instant potato, Vesta curry and, an experimental addition to our school dinner menu, cheese meringue.
      • The inflation rate edged up in December as a result of higher prices of key consumer products such as vegetable oil, soybean oil, and instant food.
      • No instant foods, no TV dinners, no cake mixes ever trespassed into my mother's kitchen.
      • Ruchi also has instant food mixes, spice powders and asafoetida under its belt, apart from a small presence in dates.
      • Now to move all the supplies - including blankets, instant food, water, canned food, milk, rice - to another train.
      • Just stir them in with a little of their oil, and you have instant pasta with wild mushrooms.
      • These markers indicate rices that are ideal for products such as canned soups or instant rice mixes.
      • Mark my wise words - start stocking up on yer instant food and tins!
      • While instant food can never be as fresh or wholesome as how grandmother made it, it is a better option for hotel food, which is yet another reason for its growing popularity.
      • Foods with high GI include white bread, potatoes, instant rice, and cornflakes.

  • 2British dated

    (of current month)
    in your letter of the 5ᵗʰinstant en su carta del 5 de los corrientes Spain formal


  • 1

    (precise moment)
    instante masculine
    come here this instant! ¡ven aquí en este mismo instante / ahora mismo!
    • at that (very) instant en ese (mismo) instante / momento
    • as conjunction the instant (that) the bell rang, everyone rushed out en cuanto sonó el timbre / no bien sonó el timbre, todos salieron precipitadamente
    • let me know the instant he arrives avíseme en cuanto llegue / no bien llegue
    • The day has to be right for this, and the evening perfectly balanced, but it's worth waiting for the precise instant of stillness before the stars come out and the pond is just a pond once more.
    • A vernal equinox represents the instant at which the sun lies exactly between the north and south celestial poles.
    • Jessica thought she heard him cry out in agony and she reached out to try to pull him free, but in the next instant, Matthew Jones disappeared from sight.
    • Love, pain, longing and devotion are written across her face in a flash, sometimes in the same instant.
    • In the same instant of realization, the water disappeared, replaced by a carpet of soft green moss.
    • The equinoxes are the instants at which the Sun appears to cross the equator, on about March 20 and September 22 (the dates vary slightly with the leap-year cycle).
    • Our eyes met and there was a moment of perfect understanding, an instant of flawless empathy between two Beatle fans.
    • I'm not sure which memory is scariest, the first flash of realisation, or the instant of thrill.
    • There is usually only a very light pressure to overcome, and the precise target shooter wants the exact instant of the shot to come by surprise.
    • Power ceases in the instant of repose; it resides in the moment of transition from a past to a new state, in the shooting of the gulf, in the darting to an aim.
    • The paralysis that had gripped him from the first instant of the flash slowly ebbed, and he crawled out from under the truck.
    • Muses of the moment, they have always known that the instant of illumination is that point of equilibrium between being and becoming.
    • There is not enough bran in this book, not enough of the tangible grit of reality, happening at a specific instant in a precise place.
    • Twice she saw the ‘green flash’, a brilliant flash of emerald green light on the horizon at the instant of the sun's setting.
    • At the precise instant that both boys entered the astounding world of 3 - D, they emitted low moans of amazement.
    • Only rarely can poetry aid us in communing with others; that is a beautiful idealism, except at certain strange moments, like the instant of falling in love.
    • Both had answered at the same instant - doubtless a moment of revelation for Sara McArdle.
    • However, the fact remains your two groups activated the claw sensors at precisely the same instant.
    • It is a sign that uses an abbreviated code for a specific instant of duration or registration of a sociological temporal moment.
    • It was as though a dam had been filled to the point of breaking, and this moment was the instant of peace before the dam burst and sent forth the great flood.
  • 2

    (short time)
    momento masculine
    instante masculine
    in an instant en un momento / instante
    • for an instant I thought it was him por un instante pensé que era él
    • not an instant too soon justo a tiempo
    • But suddenly, the light flickered and flashed out in an instant.
    • Then all of sudden, Mitch's face burst like a fire into her mind, and she felt all her stupid feelings disappear in an instant.
    • But take to the practice field of the Calgary Rockies women's contact football team and thoughts of genteel femininity disappear in an instant.
    • Would she fade away slowly, or just disappear in an instant?
    • It proposes that you can make up your mind about something, and be invariably correct, in an instant; that snap judgment is often a more effective tool than detailed analysis.
    • ‘I would like to think they would not make that mistake,’ he warned, the friendly smile disappearing for an instant.
    • But when the children began to read the names, two years disappeared in an instant.
    • Something was happening tonight… the wind told her so, even if the moon did stunt her spirit for an instant.
    • He waved his hand, turned on his heel, and disappeared in an instant among the crowd.
    • Would you snap it up and upload to your site in an instant?
    • The grey cat is startled as Firemane flashes by, but only for an instant.
    • His life is like a cloud, it could disappear in an instant.
    • The day flashed by in an instant for him; time seemed to only slow when he was occupied with something.
    • The scene flashes through his memory in an instant.
    • Several bright comets streaked across the sky and then disappeared in an instant.
    • Ninety years ago, there were no television pictures, radio broadcasts or Internet bulletins to flash the news around the globe in an instant.
    • The cheerful ring in his voice disappeared in an instant.
    • It seemed to go faster suddenly and when the moon was completely covered a large, mansion like figure flashed in the sky but it was gone in an instant.
    • She had been so close to Toni - but their friendship had disappeared in an instant.
    • All of this, ever just below the surface of my thought, flashed across my mind in the instant between my question and his answer.