Translation of instead in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈstɛd//ɪnˈstɛd/


  • 1

    I couldn't go, so she went instead no pude ir, así que fue ella (en vez de mí / en mi lugar)
    • forget about cooking, let's go out to dinner instead no te preocupes por cocinar, vayamos a cenar fuera
    • I'd run out of pasta, so I used rice instead me había quedado sin pasta, así que usé arroz
    • don't worry, I'll have tea instead no se preocupe, deme té entonces
    • I thought I was going to be early: instead, I was half an hour late creí que llegaría temprano; en cambio, llegué media hora tarde
    • he knew he should leave but instead he lingered sabía que debía irse; sin embargo, permanecía allí
  • 2

    as preposition instead of en lugar de
    • instead of going by train, she chose to fly en vez de ir en tren, prefirió el avión
    • instead of beer he drank wine en vez de cerveza se tomó un vino
    • she volunteered to go instead of me se ofreció para ir en mi lugar
    • It may even appeal to the woman who wants to buy her husband a diamond instead of the other way around.
    • In front of it, however, instead of a courtyard or public square, there is a car park.
    • They will try to find alternate means and may have a sandwich instead of a proper meal.
    • So instead of leaving them in plain view in the kitchen, put them somewhere out of sight.
    • It is time the people on this estate stood up to these youths instead of burying our heads in the sand.
    • Royal Mail deserves a gold star for this, instead of all the complaints in the media.
    • I'd make it for a whole year instead of the eight weeks it had turned into by the time it stopped.
    • Some have made speaking only English a point of national pride instead of a disgrace.
    • Take the stairs instead of the lift to add a few extra steps to your daily regime.
    • They hope it will become a place children will use instead of hanging about on the streets.
    • We are very grateful for the family asking for donations for us instead of flowers.
    • He said random tests to check the cars' condition could be used instead of an age limit.
    • This is the first time we have known what we are going to be doing over three years, instead of one.
    • I mean pretty soon instead of being able to pick who we want to marry others will be picking for us.
    • In between meals try to fill up on nuts and fruit instead of crisps and chocolate.
    • The move will see the regular grey bin collected on a fortnightly instead of a weekly basis.
    • It was a rude reminder of all the reasons I cycle instead of taking public transport.
    • Perhaps Bradford might then be the vibrant city it once was instead of looking so lost.
    • As a result, meetings can take place in my office instead of using a committee room.
    • He also has to show that he can be a useful member of society instead of being regarded as a parasite.