Translation of instigate in Spanish:


instigar a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnstəˌɡeɪt//ˈɪnstɪɡeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rebellion/mutiny) instigar a
    (mutiny/rebellion) incitar a
    (rebellion/mutiny) provocar
    the riots were instigated by a small number of extremists unos pocos extremistas fueron los instigadores / incitadores de la revuelta
    • In fact, one of the biggest mandates I have for my managers is to instigate change.
    • It is believed that the people were disappointed with the compensation given to them for their expropriated land, thus instigating them to commit arson.
    • After all, the goal is to address issues, instigate debate and implement change.
    • She catalogues the experience of the Welsh housewife and the changes instigated by the introduction of electricity.
    • Does the development team have the power and flexibility to instigate catastrophic events in the game?
    • Police accused the rink's management of instigating the incident by playing music over the rink's PA system.
    • He instigated him to fight a war.
    • The Knight of Swords' instigates you to be active, skillful and clever in work situations today.
    • Until we use what rights we do have to instigate change, get used to being laughed off.
    • Police suspect that both incidents were instigated by juveniles who attend parties.
    • But frequent riots instigated by the fascist forces often negated the good work.
    • Often the utility companies dispute that they have taken too long and instigate legal action.
    • All the treks have their own bewitching features that instigate you to move ahead while knowing them.
    • Legal proceedings have been instigated and we will be seeking the earliest possible court date.
    • This in turn instigated a slight blackout in our collective fashion senses, meaning that paisley will be back for a short while.
    • The possession of a maritime culture may have enabled these islands to instigate change more easily than communities on the mainland.
    • This causes him to fear that she will disappear, leaving him with nothing, which in turn instigates him to provoke their break-up so that he can walk out on her before he is abandoned.
    • Over the years she has instigated various events in the Court and the town itself.
    • When first interrogated, he claimed that ‘it was the evil spirit who made me believe such things, and he also instigated me to say them to others’.
    • Much less should they instigate riots to threaten the people.
    • It instigated me to do this - in our democracy everyone should be given a chance to speak and you cannot curb anyone's voice.
    • The man that they were talking about had instigated a riot in one of our major cities last summer.
    • Rather than ban the ‘sinners’ they attempt to work with them by investing in them and trying to instigate change.
    • Share prices even might fall, but at least then investors could be confident that they really were using their money to instigate change.
    • Seven other detainees were stripped and built into a ‘human pyramid’ after being suspected of instigating a riot.
    • Here the audience obtains a glimpse of the power bloc which oversaw and instigated the events.
    • He abandoned his work as a doctor and pursued his desire to instigate change using the Leeds Times as a platform for his views.
    • The shock instigated me to stagger back.
    • ‘The Hanged Man’ instigates you to make changes in routines and patterns that have become meaningless and cumbersome in your life.
  • 2

    (scheme) promover