Translation of instinct in Spanish:


instinto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnstɪŋ(k)t//ˈɪnstɪŋ(k)t/


  • 1

    instinto masculine
    maternal/business instinct instinto maternal/para los negocios
    • the instinct for survival el instinto de conservación / de supervivencia
    • by instinct por instinto
    • my first instinct was to escape mi primera reacción fue escapar
    • all his instincts told him to remain silent su intuición le decía que era mejor callarse
    • The wildness of nature feeds our primal needs for extra-sensory stimulation and animal instincts.
    • Valentin aims to balance the cubs' need for care and attention with the wild instincts the growing animals need for survival.
    • What she found there was the same thing she found in every other vampire's eyes: the cold chill of death and an instinct to kill.
    • But was her affection for him, her obvious attraction to him, based solely upon an instinct to reproduce and justify her feminine role in society?
    • So you can just allow your male/animal instincts to get the better of you and kill your girlfriend/wife?
    • We make life manageable by creating social institutions that do for us what instincts do for other animals.
    • It's crazy how when dogs go feral, they re-gain all their lost instincts and behavior patterns.
    • Trained by himself from a colt, Adam knew he could always rely on him and trust the animal's instincts.
    • Nowhere in the wild is the maternal instinct more accessible than on the East African savanna, with its panoply of creatures and its wide vistas.
    • The meaning of human life would be reduced to the physical, base animal instincts, trapped within the contours of the body.
    • This is a sociable little animal with strong maternal instincts.
    • In Madagascar one character, a lion, must rediscover his predatory instincts to stay alive.
    • This instinct caused animals to form close-knit, evenly spaced groups, as seen in real mammal herds and fish schools.
    • Even you have to surrender to your animal instincts every once in a while.
    • As always, his cognitive thought processes were giving way to baser, animal instincts.
    • Surely the instincts that help keep animals in the wild from getting pudgy are available to us as well.
    • In our seeking of mates and providing for offspring, we are driven by the same instincts as other animals.
    • Animal instincts and senses proved to be far more effective than any man-made warning system.
    • However high we want to place ourselves up the food chain, it can't hide our animal instincts in everyday situations.
    • Biologists also are interested in the honey bee's social instincts and behavioral traits.