Translation of instrument in Spanish:


instrumento (musical), n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnstrəmənt//ˈɪnstrʊm(ə)nt/


  • 1musical instrument

    instrumento (musical) masculine
  • 2

    • 2.1(piece of equipment)

      instrumento masculine
      a blunt instrument un instrumento contundente
      • they are in desperate need of surgical instruments necesitan instrumental quirúrgico urgentemente
      • They may only be carving fruit and vegetables, but these precision instruments need sharpening every week and the useful life of the knives in his hands is only six weeks.
      • Torque wrenches are precision instruments and need to treated and operated carefully.
      • There was also a table with knives and surgical instruments, a dentist's chair, and several white smocks hanging up on a wall.
      • The use of robotics in medicine allows for unprecedented control and precision of surgical instruments in minimally invasive procedures.
      • Amsler did not rest his fame on this single inspired idea but continued to invent new precision instruments.
      • Ladders, tools and sharp instruments should not be left lying around in the open.
      • This instrument is a favourite tool of the armed forces and mountain climbers all over the world.
      • They're used as torture instruments to elicit secrets, saw off limbs, drill holes in ankles, etc.
      • It's a simple stone that has become a tool, an instrument employed for drawing marks.
      • Investment castings usually are small, and it is especially suited to production of jewelry and parts for precision instruments.
      • This display will no doubt be of interest to the farming community and it may be that the general public might be surprised by the surgical instruments used by vets in the past.
      • I am a surgeon, so my tools are my surgical instruments.
      • Precision screws allowed precision instruments to be made.
      • Despite their appearance, they are not of course instruments of torture.
      • Such instruments add precision to a procedure, because they're designed to compensate for involuntary movements in a surgeon's hands.
      • Well, they are holding a pen fair, from April 19 to April 21, to showcase a plethora of pens and writing instruments.
      • A provider of precision instruments offers systems designed to heat and form thermoplastics into finished catheters.
      • It also served as the public's sole source of iron tools and instruments.
      • M. Barthes admits, ‘I have an almost obsessive relation to writing instruments.’
      • The old house is filled with an array of farming tools and instruments from yesteryear.

    • 2.2instruments plural

      Aviation instrumentos masculine
      Aviation mandos masculine
      Motor Vehicles instrumentación feminine
      Motor Vehicles instrumentos masculine
      to fly/land on instruments volar/aterrizar por instrumentos
      • The demonstrator tries to ‘trick the inner ear and pilots are forced to rely on the instruments to fly the aircraft’.
      • Using Beer-Lambert's law, the instrument detects and measures the reductions caused by pollutants in the spectrum of ambient air.
      • In low visibility, they help guide pilots to the runway as we transition from flying on the aircraft's instruments to a visual landing.
      • Many of these sophisticated instruments are capable of multiple functions, and the data that they gather will be studied by scientists worldwide.
      • Columbus had no instrument to measure his speed, so he simply observed bubbles and debris floating past his ship and used those observations to make an estimate of the speed.
      • The instrument is able to measure isotopes at the individual atom level and does so by generating millions of volts of electricity.
      • He hired 10 women on a trial basis, and set them to work in the aircraft instrument section.
      • Models of sophisticated weapons, missile systems and various aircraft instruments were also on display.
      • Viewed in cold and analytical light, the figure was probably erroneous because of the lack of precision of the aircraft's instruments.
      • The group will use an accousticom instrument to measure radiation levels in and around homes.
      • The chlorophyll content was measured with an instrument called a SPAD meter which is sensitive to slight chlorophyll differences.
      • We used this same technique when the instrument measuring the solar wind speed was still working.
      • The Air Force promptly made him an aircraft instrument repairman.
      • But as soon as a hijack takes place, certain codes are input by the pilot into aircraft instruments to alert ground staff.
      • Use global positioning instruments in aircraft to assist you in making sure you are spraying the correct field and in selecting the proper spray paths.
      • The first step involves using a device called a polymerase chain reaction instrument to measure the levels of an organism's cytokines when exposed to a given material.
      • Thus it was possible to fly it on instruments from this position, which I did.
      • Attached to the basket are instruments measuring GPS, altitude, wind speed and direction.
      • In the crash laboratory, the two tracks are measured using two laser instruments to guarantee the exact position of the cars.
      • Test aircraft are well covered, along with other, usually neglected, topics such as manufacturing and aircraft instruments.

    • 2.3(means, tool)

      instrumento masculine
      she was merely an instrument of fate fue un mero instrumento del destino
      • Is it an instrument of social oppression or of national self-assertion?
      • It is very tempting to use prosecutions as a political instrument or a tool for revenge.
      • Rather it is used as an instrument of social policy.
      • Wealth as an instrument of social control is a privilege of rank or of birth.
      • Most favor an activist federal government that intervenes in the economy, redistributes wealth, and acts as an instrument of social change.
      • Thus, only for a relatively short period of modern history has the American Bill of Rights been a progressive instrument of national reform.
      • Language, in this sense, was truly an instrument of power and social control.
      • Public-private partnerships will be the key instruments for implementing regional development projects.
      • Both have committed themselves to developing education as an instrument of social change.
      • The court was laden with judges who believe strongly in judicial activism - liberally interpreting the law so that it can be used an instrument of social reform.
      • Yet, sharing a meal is one of the most powerful social levelers, a potent instrument of social bonding and dissolving boundaries.
      • It's not really an instrument of social change, as such.
      • And hopefully, even, we need to use expropriation as an instrument of land reform.
      • We know that stereotyping is an instrument of social repression and undercuts human relationships.
      • The decay of American liberalism as a credible instrument of social reform can be traced all the way back to the first decades of the twentieth century.
      • This attempt is ridiculous, not least because the government is actively engaged in strengthening religious institutions as an instrument of social control.
      • These have proven to be a viable instrument of social security reform in more than a half-dozen countries, with their origins in Sweden.
      • Recent historical experience thus confirms the judgement made long ago by Marx and Lenin that the state can't simply be used as an instrument of social transformation.
      • Given their importance as an instrument of social regulation, it's odd that the law and law enforcement were so long cold-shouldered by historians.
      • It can be used to bring about change and to be an instrument of reform, but it can also be used to block change, to frustrate reform and to control and preserve the status quo.

  • 3

    instrumento masculine
    • Later we see that the hallmark of negotiable instruments - documentary intangibles - is their ready transferability.
    • Without the ability to resort to formal regulatory and legal instruments, the Japanese bureaucracy could guide but could not lead.
    • National opposes this bill because far from simply correcting that inadvertent error, it creates a whole new raft of radical, new, legal instruments.
    • The result is that if the memorandum were to have any effect at all, it had to be as a testamentary instrument, and not as document creating an inter vivos trust.
    • The requirements made in international legal instruments, such as the ones cited above, are good first principles with which to start.
    • It also violates our fundamental values of justice and fairness which these legal instruments encode.
    • Genetic engineering is moving several times faster than the legal instruments.
    • When it is finally time for the public comment, planning instruments drafted in legal language are often found to be impenetrable.
    • At their core, contracts are voluntary legal instruments.
    • Nor is it true that the whole of the policy is incorporated in the certificate or that both instruments in their entirety are to be read together.
    • It is only to say that the International Court and United Nations law might at present be relatively uninteresting to legal theorists because they usually are such ineffective legal instruments.
    • Thus, they know us well and, indeed, our respondents made great efforts and we were able to devise a formal instrument for them to complete.
    • One of the significant changes introduced by the Constitutional Treaty will be a major reduction in the number of legal instruments, from 15 to five.
    • The Magna Carta is often regarded as one of the first instruments which documented due process.
    • Not being a legal instrument, the Declaration would appear to be outside international law.
    • It concerned an action to recover commission on sale where the instrument recording the contract of sale was insufficiently stamped.
    • The legal status of these instruments was considered in Chapter 1.
    • You have to vest first, and only after you have accomplished the vesting exercise do you accomplish the statutory rectification of the instrument in question, in our submission.
    • Many police officers and prosecutors are, of course, honest and hardworking, but they are hampered by a lack of resources and legal instruments and corruption in the courts and alongside them in the police.
    • The document signed on May 7 is a remarkable legal instrument.