Translation of insular in Spanish:


cerrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪns(j)ələr//ˈɪnsjʊlə/


  • 1

    (narrow, parochial)
    (environment/mentality) cerrado
    (person) estrecho de miras
    (person) cerrado
    the students had formed into insular little cliques los estudiantes habían formado grupitos cerrados
    • But its managerial culture was incredibly insular.
    • Is it any wonder that people think America is insular and isolationist, if major press institutions can't even be bothered to put in the ten seconds of effort it would take to spell the name of our governing party properly?
    • This is why cities in which more citizens have traveled around the world are typically more beautiful and prosperous cities, and why cities whose citizens are closed-minded and insular are ugly and poor.
    • Even in famously insular Japan, travel is producing a far more worldly generation.
    • Instead of making them more insular, it has opened them to wider influences.
    • Moreover, few outside influences had ever been incorporated into this music, making this a very insular culture.
    • Do you worry that being self-referential makes your work too insular, thereby limiting your audience?
    • Because no one outside the insular world of boxing can name one pug that he has under contract.
    • Though police inhabited an intensely insular culture, they shared one primary reference point with the citizens in whose name they served: the street.
    • The USA is accused of being an insular, isolated society for all the wrong reasons: the correct reason is that Americans feel strength from their insularity, and confidence from being isolated.
    • Funny that the people making the comments don't seem aware of how they look to those outside their insular group.
    • This backwardness with respect to the churches of the continental and insular west was nevertheless overcome by means of a form of cultural evolution.
    • My emnity is directed at management, which has an odd insular culture that seems utterly unaware of how their decisions affect the customer.
    • He says that I am repressive, intolerant, populist, insular, sloppy, and ignorant.
    • For all the globalisation of the twenty-first century, we live in a fairly insular society where ‘outside’ opinions are seldom expressed or discussed.
    • The Japanese are an island people and, until fairly recently, were somewhat insular in accepting influences and imports from the rest of the world.
    • Opponents of the nomination declared it to be the product of cronyism that revealed an insular, arrogant White House.
    • Quebec being small, in regard to its institutions, and somewhat insular because of its cultural history, its people have always perceived Canadian cinema as being foreign.
    • Religious heresy denunciations do not appear often, outside of certain insular ultra-orthodox circles.
    • He ends by saying that sadly his guess is that the screening programme will continue to muddle along within the insular world of the ministry.
  • 2

    (climate) insular
    (people) isleño
    (people) de las islas
    • Michael felt much the same, but he found it impossible to be as private and insular as Carl.
    • I was at the time insular and somewhat passive.
    • They are discovering that the abnormal city of Las Vegas allows them perhaps the most normal, nine-to-five-style schedules and insular lives that stage stars can find beyond Broadway.
    • We, in our society, too frequently place ourselves in insular groups that do not freely talk to one another.
    • The book is a riveting character study of a fiercely intelligent and insular man coming to terms with his sexuality.
    • Shalisa Creek Bay had been settling in for a day of quiet, insular restfulness.
    • In human-created environments, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, we often feel isolated and insular - as though we are protected from the forces of nature.
    • When I ask him about his own character, he uses the words insular, shy, reserved and private.
    • As a result, we have become very insular, and my parents in particular have found it difficult to form lasting friendships, or indeed temporary acquaintanceships.
    • I think back and I feel I was a very quiet, insular child and what dance offered me was an opportunity to just be in this most wonderful space.
    • The peace and quiet of small town America seems to suit the taciturn Finn, but Joe, the loudmouth coffee wagon operator who parks outside Finn's depot, challenges Finn's insular existence.