Translation of insularity in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌɪnsjʊˈlarɪti//ˌɪns(j)əˈlɛrədi/



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    the insularity of their outlook su estrechez de miras
    • The historic insularity and xenophobia of the Japanese have perpetuated a style of cooking relying on the indigenous ingredients of the country.
    • You will be hounded and pilloried by the institutional left, ruled as they are by a parochial insularity and dogmatism.
    • In situations involving knowledge far less frivolous than a television programme, I've been astounded time and time again by ignorance and insularity.
    • Staten Island, to the south, retains an insularity forged over the years before the Verrazano Narrows Bridge linked it with Brooklyn in 1964.
    • But China's diverse folk art reflected the insularity of Chinese society and the great distances that separated different parts of the country.