Translation of integrate in Spanish:


integrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɪn(t)əˌɡreɪt//ˈɪntɪɡreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(combine)

      to integrate sb/sth into/with sth
      • the new buildings have been successfully integrated with the old se ha logrado integrar con éxito los nuevos edificios con los antiguos
      • to integrate the handicapped into the community hacer que los minusválidos se integren en la sociedad
      • In contrast, the attraction of a peacemaking approach is that it has the potential to combine and integrate these two facets in a more subtle, and balanced, way.
      • E-commerce and affiliate management functions are integrated into one program, making maintenance easier and less expensive.
      • At the front of the house, a pair of reception rooms has been integrated to create a particularly spacious lounge.
      • A better approach is to integrate the three stages into a highly compact, free-space geometry.
      • Recent action in Afghanistan - when air and land forces again were closely integrated - reaffirms the effectiveness of this approach.
      • Robertson emphasizes that future work should also look to ways that the direct retraining and specific skills approaches can be integrated.
      • An additional obstacle for low-skill readers is the process by which the meaning of individual words and phrases of written passages are integrated into a coherent whole.
      • The advantage of the cointegration approach is that it allows one to integrate the long-run and short-run relationships between variables within a unified framework.

    • 1.2(desegregate)

      (club/school) eliminar la segregación de
      • Social rights would also help integrate previously excluded groups into a common national culture, and thereby provide a source of national unity and loyalty.
      • Residence life staff will focus on integrating younger students into the university community through social activities.
      • After training, the women are integrated into their families, equipped with self-confidence and skills to pursue a life of their own.
      • British society became highly cohesive, with its plethora of clubs and societies, but did not integrate, or expect to integrate, people of different social classes.
      • And integrating China into the global economy by bringing it into the World Trade Organization is all to the good.
      • ASEAN has been striving to integrate newer members Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam into the group as quickly as possible.
      • But that's not to say that there will not be issues with integrating the two youngest members of the family.
      • Peron preached the doctrine of economic progress and national integration - he created strong trade unions and social institutions that integrated different sections of society into the state.
      • By failing to integrate the individual socially, modernity has forced the individual to mask himself.
      • Year after year, they say that integrating Thailand into the global economy will bring manna to all.
      • Some replicants can only socially integrate themselves into a group of people by making fun of others.
      • And city officials are now designing programs to integrate the largely reclusive Chinese community and companies into the social and economic mainstream.
      • In its latest reality TV programme Channel 4 is hoping to chart the progress of the prisoners as they are integrated into society.
      • Many young people, from both religious denominations, have seen no real social gains from the Agreement, nor any moves to integrate the two communities.
      • The first track seeks to strengthen Baltic sovereignty and promote internal reforms by integrating the three republics into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.
      • It can lead to potential problems for service providers keen to integrate newly transferred employees alongside existing staff members.
      • This means that it must struggle to integrate fully its African-American members, as well as its new, predominantly immigrant Hispanic members.
      • Encouraging such striving, they felt, was the best way for poor blacks to escape poverty and integrate themselves fully into American social and political life.
      • I feel it is very important that they are integrated into the system.
      • He treated me with the utmost respect, the sex was fab, he bought me cool gifts, integrated me into his social circle, introduced me to the family, etc.

  • 2

    (function) integrar
    • This distribution has to be integrated numerically to obtain its first two moments and the average values of the mutation load and inbreeding depression.
    • Also in this letter he asked his advice on integrating equations he had obtained from theoretically modelling bombs dropping.
    • The only way to compute complete trajectories was to integrate the differential equations numerically.
    • We're going to look at one example of how they (and the idea of measure in general) let us extend calculus and allow us to integrate some very odd functions!
    • These two quantities, standard error and bias, are integrated by the measure of root mean-square error.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (become combined)
    (unit/parts) integrarse
    (unit/parts) combinarse (para formar un todo)
    (minorities/immigrants) integrarse
    to integrate into/with sth integrarse en/con algo
    • However, researchers believe such measures, while helping the new Germany integrate with the rest of Europe, have not addressed social problems between easterners and westerners.
    • A ‘skills audit’ of 500 refugees in West Yorkshire found that those unable to find work experienced more problems in integrating into society.
    • The school is the primary location where the native English speakers and the Hispanic students come together and integrate for social and academic purposes.
    • Getting this job has been a really good boost for him, and we hope that because he is out there socialising and integrating with people, it will help Matthew even further.
    • Here's the surprising part: the stem cells did not integrate into the pancreases of these mice.
    • In the syllabus, the instructor must define explicitly SL for students and explain to them how course activities integrate into the SL project.
    • The program can also integrate into Windows Explorer's shell context menu, allowing you to quickly add folders with a right-click from within other programs too.
    • As optical switching technology matures and more meshed networks are deployed, narrowband channelizers will easily integrate into this advanced architecture.
    • It hopes to give them time to socially integrate.
    • This allowed the researcher freedom to collect the data and integrate with team members without the obligation of having to engage in work practices within the setting.
    • I was being moved to a home in Ockingdon, Essex, because the social workers thought I should integrate with my half-brother and sister who were living there at the time.
    • Many of its members are willing to integrate and try to climb Europe's steep social ladder.
    • Against these considerations may be weighed the fact that the New Zealand economy is integrating with Australia's anyway.
    • Why should the Scots pay taxes to finance immigrants who don't respect them, won't allow their women to integrate or take on Western fashion or equal rights?
    • Their integrative motivation is to have their children speak Spanish in order to integrate socially with Spanish speakers.
    • A tenth of the Swedish population is now foreign - born, filling low-skilled jobs, not integrating well and provoking a political reaction from those who fear for the survival of the Swedish language.
    • Ireland is the ‘most global nation’ for the second year in a row, thanks to its ability to socially integrate and maintain robust trade and investment with the rest of the world.
    • This can be an effective way of helping a new family to integrate but also ensure continued membership growth for a very worthy cause.
    • During Aznar's first term, Spain fully integrated into European institutions, qualifying for the European Monetary Union.
    • The appliances seamlessly integrate into existing network and storage infrastructures, and require no software to be installed on client machines or file servers.
    • Cllr Hopkins thought an open day would be enough to ensure the home integrates into its new setting.
    • Retroviruses such as HIV must integrate into the human cell's DNA in order to replicate.
    • Primarily, Dr Lodhi wants Pakistani-origin people to integrate more into British society, particularly where there has been an unhealthy degree of segregation in areas of Yorkshire.
    • The different elements don't integrate together seamlessly.
    • There are very limited opportunities for him to begin to integrate with other children and begin to extend his social and personal learning into a wider context.
    • The HR system integrates easily with payroll to give a combined system for any size of organisation.
    • The units visually integrate into the landscape, and were constructed without the use of heavy equipment.
    • I like how the vocals melodies integrate into the music.
    • In a democracy like ours, this is good news, because it is essential that every citizen should feel comfortable, and compelled to participate and integrate effectively.
    • The sweep of the book is immense and naturally some areas integrate into the narrative more easily than others.
    • Whether or not transgenes integrate into specific chromosomes or chromosome regions of the genome has not yet been determined.
    • Carlow equal employment programme was approved funding to integrate older workers in the labour market in County Carlow.
  • 2

    (become desegregated)
    eliminar la segregación de su seno