Translation of integrated circuit in Spanish:

integrated circuit

circuito integrado, n.


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    circuito integrado masculine
    • These fluidic devices are analogous to electronic integrated circuits fabricated using large-scale integration.
    • Subsequently, this research led to transistors, which in turn led to the development of integrated circuits that carry an electronic signal.
    • Currently, nearly 90 percent of solar cells in the world are made from a refined, highly purified form of silicon - the same material used in manufacturing integrated circuits and computer chips.
    • Lithography is used in the manufacture of integrated circuits to transfer circuit patterns from a mask to the silicon surface.
    • A device for generating a voltage pulse in a low-voltage integrated circuit includes a capacitor and a control circuit.
    • Silicon is best known as the material used to make semiconductor computer chips with integrated circuits.
    • These well-aligned geometries are commonly used in the nanofabrication of integrated circuits and microelectronic devices.
    • The problem arises with the low-volume chips, primarily application-specific integrated circuits, which can be produced in lots as small as 25 wafers.
    • Lithography is the process of imprinting patterns on semiconductor materials used in integrated circuits.
    • Several electronics manufacturers have demonstrated transistors and even integrated circuits that are made from non-insulating plastic materials rather than silicon.
    • Finally, the smaller components such as integrated circuits come apart and are collected.
    • Nanotube connectors as thin as 1.2 nanometers are theoretically capable of supplying sufficiently large electric currents to integrated circuits.
    • IT products that Indonesia exports include telephone and facsimile machines, personal computers, printers, printed circuit boards, semiconductors and integrated circuits.
    • Almost every electronic gadget needs integrated circuits - from cellular phones to smart cards to digital cameras to microwave ovens.
    • His invention of the monolithic integrated circuit, the microchip, some 45 years ago laid the conceptual and technical foundation for the entire field of modern micro-electronics.
    • In the present invention an electronic package assembly includes an integrated circuit positioned on a substrate.
    • The introduction of a new material like germanium in the critical areas of the integrated circuits provides an alternative means of improving chip performance from the traditional method of simply shrinking circuitry.
    • A fixture for making laminated integrated circuit devices from layers of integrated circuits comprises a base having support structure for at least two side body portions.
    • Current integrated circuits, or computer chips, contain about 100 million transistors each.
    • In production, most of the electronics will be implemented in application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).