Translation of integration in Spanish:


integración, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)əˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n//ɪntɪˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(incorporation)

      integración feminine
      integration in / into sth integración en algo
      • The Canadian government has embraced genetic engineering and has promoted its integration into agricultural research.
      • The process of economic integration can't - and shouldn't - be stopped.
      • The European constitution was to be the pinnacle of this process, consolidating economic integration and crowning it with political integration.
      • The process of India's integration into the dynamic world economy poses new challenges and presents new opportunities for Indian business.
      • At each step along the way, political and economic integration went hand in hand.
      • Achieving market integration requires administration, compliance and enforcement of programs in a manner that allows markets to be integrated.
      • However, to promote longer-term growth, it makes sense for China to gradually increase its integration with global financial markets.
      • Furthermore, industry desires graduates who demonstrate better integration of their technical and business skills.
      • This processes of economic integration in the world market had its drawbacks.
      • The increased integration of these previously isolated systems will enable them to fulfill their promises of adaptability.
      • It is crucial that integration is professionally managed.
      • However, the first step towards global integration was increasing market access and trade within Africa.
      • So, something had to be done to give the process of political integration a shot in the arm.
      • Economists are not used to analysing the process of European monetary integration in political terms.
      • This second engine has been modified based on experience gained during manufacturing, integration and previous tests.
      • Physical and technical barriers to market integration also need to be removed.
      • Political integration is an ongoing, never ending process.
      • I hope to be able to manage the combination or integration of these databases.
      • A fundamental purpose of EC competition policy is to promote market integration.
      • This goal is one that requires the continued integration of best practices in IT management into local governments.

    • 1.2(unification)

      unificación feminine

    • 1.3(desegregation)

      integración feminine
      • A limited amount of funding is available to support a number of good practice models of sports integration for people with disabilities.
      • But those who support the scheme have also suggested that it could be used to promote integration and reduce religious intolerance.
      • A few years ago, the city mayor expressly acknowledged the level of integration of Turkish business people there into the wider community.
      • The six new schools will be larger and will all be ‘co-located’ on the sites of existing mainstream schools to promote integration.
      • He has arranged many activities to promote national integration among his students.
      • Primary care will increasingly be delivered by larger teams of multiskilled professionals with greater integration of practice and community nursing staff.
      • The last person he spoke to was a British Asian guy who had come to the conclusion that segregation was preferable to integration.
      • It is safe to say that our society has benefited from the acceptance and integration of groups which previously suffered from discrimination.
      • We have some concerns about the school, particularly as regards the absence of a head teacher until August and concrete programmes for integration with a wider peer group.
      • There is another view of what a ‘tipping point’ is in terms of segregation and integration.
      • We all grew - as students and people - with the experience of integration after years of segregation.
      • Thus, Islam remains a fundamentalist religion, which denies integration with people of other faiths.
      • In contrast, items on old-fashioned racism ask about open opposition to fair housing laws, integration, intermarriage, and having a black neighbor.
      • Their arrangement was quintessential segregation by day, integration by night.
      • The Gucki marathon run was part of a series of events that the embassy has initiated over the past one year to further the goal of integration and to mainstream persons with disability with the rest of society.

  • 2

    integración feminine
    • A simple example of numerical integration is estimating the area of a geometric figure by randomly throwing darts at it and counting the hits and misses.
    • He also worked on asymptotic analysis, fractional integration and singular partial differential equations.
    • He developed methods of computing volumes by double integration and worked on logarithms.
    • Hippocrates' book also included geometrical solutions to quadratic equations and included early methods of integration.
    • These papers, which appeared in 1858, are on numerical analysis, in particular numerical integration.