Translation of intense in Spanish:


intenso, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtɛns//ɪnˈtɛns/


  • 1

    (cold/pain/activity) intenso
    (gratitude) profundo
    an intense blue/green un azul/verde intenso / vivo
    • to my intense relief para mi gran alivio
    • Most important - don't indulge in computer games that require long periods of intense keyboard or mouse activity.
    • If your activity is more intense - a marathon, say, or a big climb - you have a greater need for a full recovery.
    • British and French forces occupied Port Said but were forced to withdraw under intense U.S. economic pressure.
    • Using ESI, an intense electric field forces the liquid sample into a fine mist of tiny, highly charged droplets.
    • Imagine someone pulling your muscles with intense force.
    • The metal piece was rapidly engulfed in an intense heat, forcing Jen to drop it as she was burnt.
    • Late in the afternoon of April 8, after days of intense pressure, Union forces made a decisive breakthrough at Spanish Fort.
    • There was intense activity during the week and we're already seeing the results of that.
    • And up to 90% of people diagnosed with asthma experience attacks during intense physical activity.
    • But by Sunday morning, the intense Garda activity in the area had alerted townspeople that this quiet area was the scene of a major investigation.
    • Under intense pressure it was forced to yield him.
    • ‘My research is only a small part of the intense research activity in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences,’ said Rush.
    • The Indoaustralia plate meets with the Euroasia and Pacific plates, and their movements cause intense tectonic activity in Indonesia.
    • Judged simply by radio traffic volume, the degree of surveillance is intense.
    • As your hand can be held over your eyes to reduce the glare of the sky and help focus the view, the panels comfort by modifying the intense forces of nature.
    • The armed men had forced their way into the shrine on Tuesday, after hours of intense fighting with Israeli forces.
    • The next morning would bring more intense activities.
    • After the intense activity of Monday (social, intellectual and metabolical), Tuesday was rather more sedate.
    • O'Driscoll set up O'Shea but she was forced wide and under intense pressure her effort only reached the keeper.
    • Well, again, the type of very vigorous, very intense activity generally is a matter of months after surgery like this.
    • His head slammed against the window; breaking the glass before he flew forward, his ribcage hitting the steering wheel with intense force.
    • A month of intense police activity has left criminals ‘running scared’, according to the most senior police officer in North Yorkshire.
    • The announcement, made by junior agriculture minister Baroness Hayman in the House of Lords, followed a day of intense activity after the disease was confirmed at an Essex abattoir.
    • Temperatures reached the mid-nineties on Wednesday and the heat index soared past 105 degrees with intense humidity levels.
    • There was intense behind-the-scenes activity in Strasbourg last night as political groups tried to reach a compromise before the report is debated today.
    • ‘Yes, sir,’ she said after a second, and started to hit the bag with intense strength.
    • Instead of looking at the sea, he found himself at the boulevard, his eyes being stung by the intense ferocity and strength of the pounding gust.
    • They rushed to the blazing aircraft, but were forced back by the intense heat.
    • Ian dropped the man and fell back onto the road, shielding his face with his hands from the intense heat and force of the blasts.
    • Dutch researchers said recently that regular moderate exercise can burn energy and help shed those extra pounds or kilos more than short infrequent bursts of intense activity.
    • She credits her intense training routine of strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises with minimizing her symptoms.
    • The public service and the defence force, under intense practical and political pressure, are players in what has become a compelling political thriller.
    • He tried to get into the bedroom four times to reach the youngster before he too, was forced back by the intense heat and smoke.
    • Glutamate is an important neurotransmitter in the brain, and can be released in large amounts during intense neural activity.
    • For weeks, the Syrians have been uprooting their troops and tanks, forced to withdraw under intense international and Lebanese pressure.
    • I am very aware that I'm going to spiral down into one and a half weeks of intense activity and long hours from Wednesday onwards, and I'm grabbing my sleep in advance.
    • One by-product was even more intense co-production activity, since the Arts Council encouraged, nay insisted, on partnership funding.
    • Where the line is to be drawn depends on a judgment involving logic and common sense, the assessment of matters of degree and an intense focus on the circumstances of a particular case.
    • Key experiences afterwards are degrees of intense inner stillness and to a lesser extent joy in simply being (rather than doing).
    • Its very success, however, triggers new and intense activity among opponents who see in her a foe whose defeat will require their most determined efforts.
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    • 2.1(earnest)

      (youth) vehemente
      (youth) apasionado
      she's terribly intense se lo toma todo tan en serio
      • Fellows went from deadly serious and intense during her music to being casually witty and friendly; it was a cool, relaxed vibe.
      • Playing basketball, football, and baseball, the intense young man graduated from high school in St. Pete in 1959.
      • As for the lyrics on the new album, they are mostly serious and intense, dealing with childhood, fate, privilege, and making the most of youth.
      • Even when he gets so serious and intense, it makes Ernie laugh, and for me, anytime there is laughter in this game, it's good.
      • You can be intense and serious in personal relationships while a light and playful attitude would be happier and healthier.
      • A few years ago, hitchhiking from Inverness to London, I was given a lift by an intense young man who turned out to be an Icelandic concert pianist.
      • One intense young American with Maori tattoos on his legs and a straggling beard tells his fascinated fellows of his experiments with colonic irrigation.
      • On stage he is a strong performer, who is passionate, intimate, intense and impossible to ignore.
      • An only son, he was by all accounts an intense, young boy who from an early age displayed an emotional response to perceived injustice.
      • ‘For a serious, intense kid, hip hop was an outlet,’ Blackman explains.
      • He's intense and serious about the work, but sometimes he'll go off on a comic riff.
      • They're serious, they're intense, but at the same time, they know what the stakes are here and we're really focused on that.
      • No, I was not always so disciplined or serious, intense or passionate, but now I am.
      • He is taller and rangier than he looks on screen - he is almost six foot - and far more intense and serious than when he is playing someone else.
      • He was a very earnest and intense young man, whose character was in keeping with his guitar playing.
      • Brendan Barrington exudes vibrant enthusiasm, he is intense, thoughtful and passionate about his creation.
      • Listening to this intense young man, there is little doubt he has done things the hard way; no favours doled out and none asked for.
      • On the one hand he's very enthusiastic and intense and can be serious, but he's also such a laugh, and so expressive that he wins you over.
      • One of the those arrested was described as an intense, serious man, tall and well-built and very protective of his wife, who always wore a veil.
      • Don't be too intense, be serious but good natured if possible.

    • 2.2US (emotionally taxing)