Translation of intensity in Spanish:


intensidad, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtɛnsɪti//ɪnˈtɛnsədi/


  • 1

    (of sensation, color) intensidad feminine
    (of emotion) intensidad feminine
    (of emotion) fuerza feminine
    • Her intensity and passion for her work is matched in the diversity of roles she has played over her four decades in theatre.
    • The chorus of complaints about the FSA is growing in volume and intensity.
    • Anyone who has lived there understands that New Yorkers feel their city with unique emotional intensity.
    • Each of the songs on Layla is charged with emotional intensity and passion.
    • The images were accompanied by a rising noise that grew in volume and intensity as the piece continued.
    • There's an unpredictability to his defensive play which goes well with his passion and intensity.
    • The eyes convey a dark emotion of chilling intensity: resentment, perhaps?
    • It was a warm tickling sensation at first, which grew in intensity about a hundred fold.
    • It's pretty cool how they make this rising intensity of emotion with just guitars.
    • Warren can do stillness, tension, passion, intensity and sentimentality.
    • The fireballs grow in intensity until the sky is a curtain of drizzling flame bursts.
    • This has been going on for a week or so now, growing in intensity, and I reckon it'll reach a peak tomorrow or the day after.
    • She did not give him a chance to speak as she continued to talk, growing in intensity as she did.
    • The dispute continued to grow in intensity with each taking every opportunity to attack the other's views.
    • They played with huge intensity and the quality of their tackling and blocking reflected the increase in work rate.
    • It's the sort of energy that imbues art with urgency, passion and intensity.
    • They were a joy to watch, though they seem to have hated each other with passionate intensity.
    • They described the period as one of high emotional and political intensity.
    • This work of intensity and passion becomes a transfixing meditation on trust and intimacy.
    • The key to ideological commitment is emotional intensity, not rational thought.
  • 2

    intensidad feminine
    • Note that the spectral intensities have been normalized relative to sample weight.
    • Also, intensities increase across all wavelengths as temperature increases.
    • Absolute values of crosspeak intensities were used to simplify effects of antiphase components.
    • They grow well under relatively low light intensities and are good plants to grow under fluorescent lights.
    • For that purpose laser light at very high intensities irradiates the skin to destroy the tattoo pigments.
  • 3

    refuerzo masculine