Translation of interact in Spanish:


relacionarse, v.

Pronunciation /ɪntərˈakt//ˌɪn(t)ərˈækt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (social forces/organizations/people) relacionarse
    (social forces/people/organizations) interactuar
    (fields/forces/particles) interactuar
    to interact with sth/sb relacionarse con algo/algn
    • She has a close working relationship and friendship with two of the police officers she interacts with daily.
    • Oxytocin had profound effects on the brain, changing the way nerves interacted and altering the brain's physical structure.
    • In the course of managing the grants I interacted with our clients daily, often in their own households.
    • A lot of Rosemary's work involves learning about and interacting with the local community's cultural diversity.
    • Conceptual models are provided that show how these concepts interact with each other.
    • They generally involve other-wordly characters interacting with modern people and wreaking havoc.
    • What all of these songs have in common is the way that rhythm interacts interestingly with melody to produce a hypnotic effect.
    • By interacting directly with the buyers, the artisans learn a lot about current trends in various towns and cities.
    • The regiment interacted with local communities by sponsoring and organising bi-communal events.
    • That is, the direction of a variable's effect does nor typically change as it interacts with other variables.
    • It is only here that students will get the chance to interact directly with the quiz master.
    • Once a trader understands the process of how price interacts and changes, he or she can exploit it more easily.
    • Certainly, ratio value and rate of responding may have interacted with motivation to produce behavioral effects.
    • The reality is that, when interacting with students directly, I do my best to empathize.
    • Titanium also interacts with sulphur and can have a beneficial effect on the shape of sulphide inclusions.
    • This circle can be very small, including just your kin and those you interact with on a daily basis.
    • None the less, we note that policy substance and policy process interact.
    • We will see him more directly interacting with Viola later in the film.
    • Children with autism have difficulty using their imagination, communicating or interacting.
    • Therefore, this involves interacting with all the usual suspects who I need to get my car on the road.
    • Ergonomics is the means and processes we use to do our work, and how the human body interacts with those processes and equipment.
    • The Gardaí were interacting on a daily basis with police and security services across Europe.
    • Instead, modern technology will allow consumers and artists to interact directly.
    • Most patients were able to interact directly with the computer, and assistance was provided as required.
    • There's a big difference between typing onto a screen and actually going out and interacting with people directly.
    • In general, they regulate how cells interact with each other and with the extra-cellular matrix.
    • We performed some simple tests to see how many sound sources interacted together.
    • Through the people he interacts with on a daily basis, he determines who is in need, and who he can help.
    • The process of integration has interacted with, and received much impetus from, developments at the global level.
    • Spike Lyne's lighting interacts with the set to create stunning effects.
    • People are all around us as is the requirement to interact and to communicate.
    • Alcohol interacts with fatigue and increases its effects, just like drinking on an empty stomach.
    • Making a point of spending more time directly interacting with Jenny would also help.
    • Holistic medicine considers the whole body and takes the approach that all systems interact with each other.
    • Everyones' universes interact by a process similar to quantum interference.
    • I ended up feeling guilty for not talking as much as her, not interacting, not communicating.