Translation of interbank in Spanish:


interbancario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪntəbaŋk//ˈɪn(t)ərˌbæŋk/


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    (market/rate/settlement) interbancario
    the interbank market rate el tipo de interés en el mercado interbancario
    • These are very similar to the Euribor interbank rate for one week to three months, which currently is about 2.1 per cent.
    • The first Chinese interbank currency market in China opened in Shanghai in 1994, joining the pre-existing commodities and gold exchanges.
    • Banks in a net debit position can borrow from other banks on the interbank market, but can also seek liquidity from the central bank.
    • Approximately 90 per cent of total trading in the London foreign exchange market is in the form of interbank foreign exchange transactions.
    • Looking at the shorter term, the interbank market rates suggest that the cycle will turn up again early next year.
    • In ordinary times, banks usually benefit strongly from interbank rate cuts by the Fed because they lower their cost of funds.
    • This they said would enable the market to smooth out wild interest rate fluctuations currently being experienced in the local interbank money market.
    • As Russian banks became terrified of lending money to one another, many found it impossible to raise funds on the interbank market.
    • The Central Bank figures are calculated using interbank rates, not the European Central Bank rates.
    • The current credit boom is dependent on state bank lending to regional and local banks through the interbank market.
    • Of course, banks have long sent money across borders through standard interbank wire transfers for corporate and individual clients.
    • Its loan book in Britain is funded largely from a British deposit base, with little reliance on the interbank market.
    • The loan rates are generally pegged at 3.5 percentage points or more above the London interbank offered rate, now 1.17%.
    • For now, senders and receivers must have accounts at the same bank, though Bank of America and Wells plan to offer interbank transfers next year.
    • They may borrow through the interbank market from other banks that have excess liquidity.
    • During these periods, the interbank swap market closed the shutters, with the consequence that trades beyond even the standard size of $50 million became difficult to execute.
    • There were little movements in the overnight interbank rates and the borrowing rate averaged 15 percent for most of the week.
    • The paper also said the central bank granted 12 more branches of foreign banks permission to participate in trading on the interbank market.
    • The AAA noteholders get a return of 0.58 per cent return over the euro interbank rate (Euribor).
    • Small banks in need of unwinding their positions had problems finding counter partners in the interbank market, he said.