Translation of intergalactic in Spanish:


intergaláctico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərɡəˈlæktɪk//ˌɪntəɡəˈlaktɪk/


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    • We will soon be making contact with beings that are interstellar, intergalactic, and interdimensional.
    • These larger jets shoot out from galaxies into the intergalactic medium.
    • So strong was the event that the speedy star eventually will be lost altogether, traveling alone in the blackness of intergalactic space.
    • As charged particles, cosmic rays are deflected by galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields during their travel to Earth.
    • But in intergalactic space, which accounts for most of the volume of the universe, there is less than one atom for every ten cubic meters.
    • Nestled between matter-rich filaments and superclusters are ‘voids’ of intergalactic space.
    • A dense region of intergalactic gas cools to form several smaller galaxies, which merge to form a larger galaxy with a super massive black hole.
    • The year is 3526, and intergalactic contact has been established for three millennia.
    • Scientologists have already named it their intergalactic leader.
    • In their work, domestic objects floated through the apertures of a make believe house, and continued their journey into intergalactic space.
    • The hot gas pours out of this hole, spewing energy and superheated particles into the halo and sometimes beyond, into intergalactic space.
    • The massive forces of the merging clusters accelerated intergalactic gas to great speeds.
    • Four independent teams of researchers used the beacons of X rays from distant quasars to probe the contents of several intergalactic clouds.
    • And they are only about 2.5 million light-years apart, barely a stone's throw in intergalactic terms.
    • But scientists worried that intergalactic dust, rather than distance, could account for the dimming.
    • The planet they crashed on is in the middle of an intergalactic war.
    • On their way to Earth, the X-rays from a distant quasar dim as they pass through a cloud of the intergalactic gas.
    • They are found in the great intergalactic voids - vast spaces between groupings of normal galaxies.
    • They will learn how plastic bottles can be transformed into scaled-down versions of intergalactic craft, when all eyes turn to the skies at the university this weekend.
    • Its benefits included intergalactic space travel at warp speed.