Translation of interlace in Spanish:


entrelazar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈleɪs//ɪntəˈleɪs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • She closed her eyes and put her arms behind her head, interlacing her fingers.
    • ‘All right,’ the principal started, interlacing his fingers and placing his hands calmly on his desk.
    • He pays for our drinks and as we go outside, he takes my hand into his and interlaces our fingers.
    • She grinned at him and took it, interlacing their fingers, as she always liked to do.
    • Thick wooden supports braced the wall every few yards, and even the gaps in between the logs were filled with a mesh of sticks and branches interlaced like a rough basket weave.
    • Liz smiled gently taking his hand in hers, interlacing their fingers.
    • Williams took a deep breath, interlacing his fingers above his head and trying to keep a cool head.
    • I snake my arm behind your neck and interlace my fingers together.
    • Keeping your legs straight at the knees and your heels pushed towards the ceiling, take your arms over your head and interlace your fingers, turning the palms away.
    • She interlaced her gloved fingers together around the soup, whatever it was, allowing the steam to rise up and touch her face.
    • Derek stroked my hand lightly, interlacing his own fingers with mine.
    • I interlaced my fingers and lifted them up to my lips so that the tips of the forefingers were touching my upper lip.
    • Somehow, you must record that other sheet and interlace one image over the other to decipher this code.
    • I stared at our hands as he interlaced our fingers.
    • He took my hand, interlacing his fingers through mine, and stood up.
    • Davis nodded, taking a seat behind his desk and interlacing his fingers underneath his chin.
    • For a moment, she was afraid he was going to reject her until she felt his hand covering hers, interlacing their fingers together.
    • ‘It's the best prank of the year,’ I informed him, interlacing our fingers.
    • She leaned forward and draped her arms around her knees, interlacing her fingers.
    • Brandon was absently playing with a strand of Chasity's hair, wrapping it around his finger, tucking it behind her ear and interlacing it between his fingers.
  • 2

    • A prologue and sixteen scenes are interlaced with a twelve-note theme and fifteen variations for orchestra alone.
    • It is an association of place and memory that draws him to interlace the past with the present.
    • This time we listened to speeches by university administrators and church officials who spoke of the essential relationship between faith and learning, interlacing their talks with references to the mandatum.
    • These bits are interlaced with the usual interview cuts from Lawrence, director David Raynr, and the production team.
    • The remark provoked raucous laughter, and the balance of the first game was interlaced with a slew of lewd speculation.
    • But the childhood stories are interlaced with more recent remembrances.
    • She carries this particular comparison throughout the book, interlacing it with different theme songs and characters or sayings that are similar to the points she wants to make.
    • But Shakespeare scholars realized that the actual text was interlaced with lines that cut against Olivier's theme of martial glory and royal heroism.
    • These dance pieces will be interlaced with a multi-media/movement installation by Aven.
    • Lovano's music is described by critics as interlacing the past with the present.

intransitive verb

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