Translation of interleave in Spanish:


intercalar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈliv//ɪntəˈliːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to interleave a book with plates intercalar láminas en un libro / entre las hojas de un libro
    • to interleave plates into a book intercalar láminas en un libro / entre las hojas de un libro
    • There was plate after plate of exquisite illustrations, interleaved with pages of old-fashioned print, detailing some long and involved story of Pacific pioneers.
    • Is there or is there not advantage to be gained by trying to interleave the supplementary material into the book so that material appears in a single series rather than in two disconnected series.
    • If you already have two-sided albums, often interleaving in selected areas solves a lot of problems.
    • The manuscript corrections are on an interleaved copy of Thomson's Works, now in the British Library.
    • There is actually a third interleaving, of letters from his Jewish wife, which I have not mentioned.
    • The edition size is 125 and comes packaged in a custom linen portfolio box interleaved with vellum sheets.
    • Anna Howell kept a record of her gardening interleaved in agricultural almanacs and often mentioned the many hazards she encountered.
    • He is thought to have used an interleaved copy of his dictionary as a foundation word list and had the help of some half a dozen amanuenses.
    • That's all you need to produce simple, interleaved entries.
    • The event notes are interleaved with my own thoughts, which progress over the seminar and gradually completely dominate.