Translation of interlinear in Spanish:


interlineal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈlɪniər//ɪntəˈlɪnɪə/


Printing Literature

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    • It offers an interlinear translation (primarily for studying the traditional Latin Mass) which follows the word ordering of the Latin text of the traditional Roman Mass.
    • We give the Greek text, with an interlinear translation as literal as may be to be useful.
    • But I'll be really surprised and impressed when there's a popular syndicated cartoon whose captions are given as interlinear text.
    • A special typographical challenge that linguists face is the formatting of our beloved example sentences with interlinear glossing.
    • One of the things we're going to do is more marking up of the various electronic documents we post - highlighting key passages, interlinear notes, stuff like that.
    • The text, with its interlinear drawings and decorated initials composed of human and animal figures, has become emblematic of Ireland and Irishness.
    • I don't like making interlinear comments like this.
    • The beginning of a paragraph is usually indented in print, unless preceded by an interlinear space, but not always in handwriting or word processing, nor in display material.
    • When the critique is presented as a copy of the original document with interlinear commentary, it's called a fisking.
    • For example, there are interlinear translations into Turkish, Spanish, and Polish - all written in Arabic script.
    • Each includes the Iban text version, with interlinear glosses, and English translations, supplemented by occasional passages contextualizing the songs.
    • Micro-typography deals with letters, the relationship between letter spacing and words, word spacing, lines, interlinear spacing, columns, punctuation, and so forth.
    • Artscroll's website offers a free download of these psalms plus one more, with interlinear English translation, to facilitate their widespread recitation.
    • For instance, in New Testament research it offers the possibility of transforming the Greek text into an interlinear text with grammatical tags, the lexical form of the word, and a word by word English translation all aligned for interlinear analysis, followed by various translations of the text into English or other languages.