Translation of interlude in Spanish:


intervalo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪn(t)ərˌlud//ˈɪntəl(j)uːd/


  • 1

    (intervening period)
    intervalo masculine
    paréntesis masculine
    • He rested his chin on her head and they returned to their peaceful interlude that they so enjoyed.
    • We had some interludes of peace, though - walked through the woods this afternoon with Jasper, and I was delighted to see her big eyes fasten on the tree trunks and branches.
    • In between those two periods we even had a brilliant interlude when property values, as well as rental demand, both shot up in tandem.
    • He dried the dishes, and enjoyed the peaceful interlude.
    • While I enjoyed the news-less interlude, too many strikes will weary public patience and risk handing viewers and listeners to the opposition.
    • But Fletcher makes clear that these interludes were seen by many orthodox Muslims as periods of decadence and decay.
    • After an hour's wait for politicians and officials to arrive at the venue, the students were run through two hours of politician-speak, save for some brief interludes.
    • Their trip included six days in a game park followed by a jaunt to Zambia and Botswana, broken up by an interlude in Africa's answer to Vegas, Sun City.
    • It was an interlude of comparatively good government: at least, a period when some infrastructure was built up.
    • A spokesman said: ‘Snow will continue through the day with a few dry interludes and it will slowly improve by the afternoon with snow turning more showery.’
    • It has dominated British politics, at least since the 1880s. Liberal and Labour administrations have merely been interludes in the long, long Conservative parliament.
    • He wants to show that Labour can be a ‘natural’ party of government and not just a brief, fractious interlude between long periods of Conservatism.
    • A wet weekend was an excuse to light the fire and curl up with a book - and a walk in the rain was a pleasant interlude, leaving you exhilarated and deserving of your supper.
    • Drive a missile-equipped sports car through narrow streets, and enjoy tasty interludes with foreign agents of the opposite sex who try to snap your neck as you reach for the chilled champagne.
    • But if a holiday were to be a grand interlude, as refreshing as gentle rain in a parched desert, then it would be the answer to many prayers.
    • So we'll call this a one-day hiatus, a brief interlude, and keep quiet about it ‘til tomorrow.
    • Such interludes only heightened the edginess which enveloped the stadium, for Celtic were demonstrating the breadth and depth of their ability to spurn chances.
    • When she'd finally calmed down, she'd actually enjoyed her interlude with the leafy thing.
    • Instead, in the Kabila interludes (first the elder, and now the hereditary son), Congo remains the site of a second Scramble for Africa.
    • Except for brief and precarious interludes, there has never been peace in the world; and before history began, murderous strife was universal and unending.
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    • 2.1Theatre

      entreacto masculine
      intermedio masculine
      • They included sixteen endearing young students from the ballet school whose gracious performance of the Polish interlude was delightful.
      • In between the shows, the comic interludes were performed to keep the audience in good spirits with twinkle-footed clowns.
      • The work was divided between dance interludes and theatrical dialogue.
      • Even the staging is poor: the Pyramus and Thisbe interlude is inexplicably set on a high balcony, remote from the audience.
      • The plot in this play is difficult to follow, but the minimal dialogue, emphasis on visuals and musical interlude performed on stage by the actors makes it offbeat enough to enjoy.
      • At one point in Act I they all stand on the tilted stage, in a straight line, during one of the interludes.
      • Apart from the Malaysian dance performance, by way of an interlude, Madurai too put its best foot forward with a brief fire dance by a local performer.
      • It's a smorgasbord, complete with physical sketch comedy, musical interludes, and dance performance.
      • The evening might best be described as a surreal musical revue with spoken-word interludes and snatches of drama.
      • She made her debut dancing with Anton Dolin's company in London in 1929, performing balletic interludes in revues at the Coliseum.
      • That interludes were sometimes performed by villagers we know from ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
      • Tonight there will be a Tanwood School of Performing Arts 60th anniversary show, with an interlude performance from the Moloney School of Irish Dancing, at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road.
      • In the interludes between the 12 scenes, the Andorrans take the witness stand to disclaim any responsibility for Andri's death, rather in the manner of Adolf Eichmann during his trial.
      • In the 1900s, Cons began staging Shakespearian scenes during concert interludes.
      • Dancers have only one and a half minutes in the interlude to change clothes.
      • During the orchestral interludes, the curtain remains up and characters mime to the music.

    • 2.2Music

      interludio masculine