Translation of intermarriage in Spanish:


matrimonio mixto, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmɛrɪdʒ//ɪntəˈmarɪdʒ/


  • 1

    (between groups)
    matrimonio mixto masculine
    • By 1900, intermarriages with other nationalities were more common, most of them occurring with Germans, but also with Austrians, Hungarians, and Poles.
    • There has been a good deal of intermarriage, especially among Sunni Muslims with different ethnic backgrounds.
    • There was an era, within the memory of many people reading these words, when intermarriage between races was illegal in many states.
    • Are you for or against intermarriage between people of different communities?
    • The demography of the Jewish community is changing - the percentage of intermarriages is going up.
    • None of the intermarriages that took place in the early restoration could have occurred if the priests were firmly in control.
    • Many never learned to speak English at all, and there was little intermarriage with other immigrant groups.
    • Forced conversions have been reported, as well as forced divorces in Muslim-Christian intermarriages.
    • This was evidenced in their culture, language and intermarriages that were so common within the area.
    • That has led to intermarriages, thereby making it difficult to identify who is a Zambian and who is not.
    • More than two-thirds of Cape Verdean population ancestry is Creole, descended from the intermarriages between the Portuguese settlers and black Africans.
    • The blending and intermarriage of races for over 500 years has made Bolivia a heterogeneous society.
    • There was little if any intermarriage and little intermating between the two groups.
    • This option reflects changes in the nation's diversity as a result of immigration and intermarriage among different racial groups.
    • There are no ethnic or religious restrictions, and intermarriage in Thailand is quite common, especially between Thai and Chinese, and Thai and Westerners.
    • In addition, intermarriage between immigrant males and Mexican American women has encouraged the maintenance of Spanish.
    • There have been centuries of intermarriage between the different groups, so there are no longer any ‘pure’ ethnic groups in China.
    • These networks were further cemented by intermarriages and mutual help alliances.
    • The intermarriages between the Hui and Han were further reinforced by the imperial edict in the Ming Dynasty.
    • Ethnic intermarriage became fairly common in Soviet times, and most people have at least one ancestor of a different nationality.
  • 2

    (within group)
    matrimonio endogámico masculine
    • Firstly, it is said that when my parents met their families were neighbours and related by intermarriage.
    • It's not the intermarriages per se that cause defects.
    • However, contributing to more distinct group of health problems is the growing trend of marriage between close relatives or what Vickie calls intermarriage.