Translation of intermittent in Spanish:


intermitente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmɪtnt//ɪntəˈmɪt(ə)nt/


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    intermittent contact contacto intermitente masculine
    • intermittent current corriente intermitente
    • intermittent fever fiebre intermitente
    • I don't care if rain is patchy or scattered or intermittent or coming in from an easterly direction.
    • Today we've had intermittent heavy showers, complete with a rainbow.
    • Last year, the bollard hit the news again when it was plagued by intermittent mechanical problems and a new motor was fitted.
    • She was also warned last weekend about intermittent disruptions this week.
    • Two weeks later, five rangers ascended the west face in intermittent rain and snow.
    • It is often accompanied by intermittent periods of stiffness that is related to muscle guarding.
    • Not even intermittent rain, lack of sponsorship, or a faulty sound system could stop the fun had by all.
    • Power, water and other essential services are intermittent at best.
    • As the symptoms are intermittent, and only occur in cold conditions, it is rare for the clinician to witness an attack.
    • The air-conditioning system makes an intermittent but very loud noise when the engine is turned off.
    • I had intermittent hot and cold flushes, uncontrollable shivers and shakes and a burning sore throat.
    • The men try to feed their families by finding intermittent work as labourers.
    • The pain can vary in occurrence and be mild and intermittent, or more pronounced and steady.
    • His sleep was fitful and intermittent, and he soon rose from bed to go and see his son.
    • Watching intermittent flashes of light floating randomly through the air is a spectacular sight.
    • We've had intermittent contact throughout and I did see him over the summer.
    • The weather was typically hot, although there was a threat of intermittent rain throughout the day.
    • The sound can be of any pitch or type, continuous or intermittent.
    • Despite heavy, continuous rain and intermittent patches of fog, it would take an earthquake to stop us!
    • Despite the intermittent downpours, the punters stumped up in healthy numbers.