Translation of intermix in Spanish:


entremezclar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈmɪks//ɪntəˈmɪks/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Our attitudes towards life intermix, along with our attitudes towards relationships.
    • You've got innocent civilians intermixed in the battle.
    • His private life and professional one are hopelessly intermixed in ways that leave him with little control over either world.
    • People live intermixed in non-segregated communities.
    • The local radio station intermixed carefully conservative country music with community news and the farm and ranch report.
    • And he hasn't given us any reason to intermix those races.
    • At the edge where the 2 tumors collided, nests of invasive carcinoma were intermixed with sheets of lymphoma cells.
    • This started the process whereby the fibres began to felt together as the scales on the individual fibres intermixed.
    • There was a flood, and it did exhume a graveyard where Confederate and Union soldiers were intermixed.
    • You can smell the mint, basil, and dill intermixing together and providing the outside with their spicy, sweet scents.
    • Avoid intermixing different brands or batches of stain.
    • Images disintegrate, intermix or transform into new forms within a multi-layered environment.
    • That love, now, is felt as a certain heart ache which intermixes freely with hate and anger.
    • Here the small town atmosphere is intermixed with the comforts of a metropolis.
    • As the day progressed, the groups were intermixed to give everyone an opportunity to meet and mingle.
    • ‘Relationships between different cultures are very intermixed,’ says Goldenchild.
    • He said Bieber had an American accent with the influence of the Southern states intermixed with distinct Yorkshire features.
    • Moreover, what little is known about his life tends to be indelibly intermixed with a rich mythological overlay.
    • Cultural backgrounds become intermixed and paths blended when people migrate to towns and cities.
    • The personalities and likenesses of Reid's subjects come alive as he intermixes color and shape.