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internal market


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    • Under EU legislation concerning common rules for the internal market, all households should be able to choose their supplier by July 1, 2007.
    • No doubt the signing of the Single European Act in 1986 and the commitment to complete the internal market by 1992 were important in furthering EMU.
    • Parliamentary committees responsible for the internal market and employment have already rejected the draft saying that new legislation is unnecessary.
    • Lisbon also focuses on removing the barriers to the internal market and developing better regulatory practices so that businesses can expand and trade more easily.
    • A larger Europe will give us a single internal market of 500 million people, boosting trade and, therefore, promoting employment.
    • Domestic politics and vested interests have hampered individual governments' aims and the creation of a complete internal market.
    • The effects have been to deter new entrants to the market providing capital and new business models - to prevent the EU internal market working for customers.
    • Reforms in the energy sector progressed, although important legislation preparing for the internal market and setting up a framework for energy efficiency has not yet been adopted.
    • Such a move would have the added benefit of facilitating greater cross-border business and boosting the internal market.
    • Second, it would permit countries to shift from an export-led growth paradigm toward fostering deeper, stronger internal markets.
    • France and Germany cannot solve this problem by themselves so long as they value the internal market within which people and products circulate freely.
    • But surely the government can expand the internal market itself by raising the levels of consumption of people who today are still outside it.
    • And it wants to see legislation to force the rules of the unified internal market on content licensing agencies and copyright holders.
    • They are wrapped in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the cross-border implications of the common internal market.
    • Local companies, along with global purveyors of consumer goods, are also making money selling into the growing internal markets of countries such as Brazil and Russia.
    • Obstacles identified by included a lack of integration of the internal market for financial products and the implications of diverging supervisory rules and practices for large cross-border financial groups.
    • It is, in reality, a de facto levy perpetrated on Irish consumers to restrict competition and the working of the EU internal market.
    • We benefit enormously, therefore, from the internal market of 370 million consumers.
    • Mainland manufacturers continue to improve their skills and their productivity, and China offers an internal market that will always dwarf those of the Southeast Asian countries.
    • Import substitution basically relied on expansion of internal markets with rising real wages as part of the strategy.
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    (in UK)
    mercado interior masculine
    • He did it by being a ministerial bruiser, taking on the professional interests and driving through reform such as the NHS internal market.
    • Introduced as part of the internal market, they were matched on the purchasing side so that the net sum across the NHS was zero.
    • Evidence from the 1991 reforms, which produced an internal market in the NHS and encouraged competition between providers, was equivocal.
    • This would need the Iron Curtain on NHS information, created by the internal market, to be lifted.
    • After years of criticism of too many NHS managers taking money out of the system to run the internal market which has now been abolished, they are now to be told they must focus at least as much on patient care as on finances.
    • Setting up internal markets to make hospitals and jails better and cheaper not only does not work, but it gives capitalism a bad name, he said.
    • The roots of the recent nursing shortages lie in the early 1990s. As part of the NHS reforms and the introduction of the internal market, there was a move towards an employer led system to determine intakes to nurse training.
    • His greatest achievement, he says, is to stay alive - though he can also take credit for dismantling the health service's internal market during his two years with the health brief.
    • I played a leading role in the establishment of a Scottish parliament and abolished the internal market in the health service.
    • But, as illustrated by electricity in California, trains in Britain, and the internal market in the NHS, not any competition will do.
    • Such collaboration is a radical departure from the competitive culture of the NHS's internal market.
    • In addition, even at the grossly inflated prices of the NHS internal market, a male-to-female genital reconstruction operation costs around £12,000.
    • For all its limitations, the internal market was the beginning of a decentralised, incentives oriented approach.
    • This regime not unlike the internal market will mean block contracts being replaced by payment linked to activity, with providers losing money if they fail to deliver and gaining bonuses if they treat more patients.
    • Although the new NHS white paper has retained the split between purchasers and providers, the competitive thrust of the internal market has been abandoned.
    • An internal market was introduced into the NHS in the early 1990s, but there was little evidence that opportunities were taken to embed quality improvements into the health service at a structural level.
    • Tobacco control legislation falls under the EU's powers to regulate the internal market, while the initiative to tackle communicable diseases in the developing world uses the union's powers in development aid and research.
    • No one could possibly have gleaned from the Conservative manifesto for health in 1987, for example, that by 1992 the NHS would be operating an internal market.
    • Having served as both health and education secretaries in the past, he knows the subjects well and has demonstrated a zeal for radical reform, having introduced the internal market in the health service.
    • After all, Clarke served as a minister throughout 18 years of Conservative government and was responsible for introducing the internal market into the National Health Service.