Translation of interrelate in Spanish:


interrelacionarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərəˈleɪt//ɪntərɪˈleɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    they interrelate with each other se relacionan entre sí
    • This is no easy task, since migration of people and trade in goods tend to be closely interrelated.
    • As all issues were closely interrelated, this was entirely appropriate.
    • These four steps are closely interrelated, and failing to achieve one of them will cripple the other three.
    • Barriers inhibiting women in nontraditional fields are complex and interrelated.
    • Where the spheres of power are closely interrelated, religious freedom is at real risk.
    • Many issues are being discussed and all political questions are interrelated.
    • The reminder of general systems theory is that all parts of a system are connected and interrelated.
    • This type of cognitive compatibility interrelates metaphors with different source and target domains.
    • Technological change seems to have become more complementary and interrelated over time.
    • The status of a character trait as a virtue need not be a fixed matter, but a matter complexly interrelated with the sort of society in which it appears.
    • These diverse ingredients are interrelated in complex ways.
    • These standards connect and interrelate technology competencies and information processing skills needed for lifelong learning.
    • When a new gene is inserted into an organism, it interrelates with that organism, and then, in tern, impacts on the environment around it.
    • That's where everyone draws its strengths from, how everyone interrelates.
    • The factors at work were many, and the ways they interrelated were complex.
    • I also encourage students to focus on how the melody and harmony interrelate, particularly in homophonic textures.
    • This problem can be solved by instructing the search engine to understand synonyms, but it never really overcomes the fact that this approach will never give us any proper information about how material on different sites interrelates.
    • But all the parts of it are interrelated and all contribute ultimately to better health for everybody.
    • Although the exact cause of acne is unclear, its pathogenesis involves many factors that are interrelated.
    • This is a ritualized system of linguistic and behavioral interactional strategies allowing individuals to interrelate in a harmonious fashion.