Translation of interruption in Spanish:


interrupción, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)əˈrəpʃ(ə)n//ɪntəˈrʌpʃn/


  • 1

    interrupción feminine
    without further interruption sin más interrupciones
    • This has to be a continuous process, without periods of storage or interruptions.
    • Now people complain that a woman's monthly periods are an interruption and an inconvenience.
    • Ignoring all interruptions, I focused on Alex, the person I was now guarding, and silently assessed his position.
    • As you do so on the next generation of mobile phones, prepare for interruptions from e-mails as well as voice calls.
    • Just a few such interruptions and half the day is wasted.
    • Though the Chief Minister ignored the interruptions a couple of times, the third time she said someone was doing it deliberately.
    • It is very expensive to have staff doing nothing if there is an interruption of supply.
    • Apart from an interruption for a serious neck injury in 1992, his career has been one of relentless achievement since he took up rugby at his comprehensive in Barking at the age of 14.
    • As a student of waves, Cass is steadfast in his insistence that this period is an interruption - not a halt: a technology downturn, not a global downturn.
    • It was almost as if the two month lay-off had been of benefit rather than a frustrating interruption to a burgeoning career.
    • Despite interruptions from members of the Community Hall Trust and parish councillors present, we achieved just that.
    • There's likely to be an interruption to our quiet winter days this year, and I'm hoping to get it over with before settling down by a different fireside, in a different location.
    • I used to laugh it off, referring to it as a ‘bad drip,’ but the joke has worn thin over the years, to the extent that now the whole thing is no more than a boring interruption to my daily life.
    • The Dublin stock exchange declared a ‘fast market’ to remove volatility interruptions as prices seesawed wildly.
    • You had to hear the sneer in his voice for that, and the ludicrous interruptions.
    • The joy of the film is its wry focus on the little things that make up the background of oppression, such as interruptions in conversation and comments ignored.
    • And predictably, the second week of the tournament sees players having to cram in their games in between the showers and the interruptions.
    • The thing that astonishes me is that, in spite of everything, all the false starts and interruptions, the new cat story got written through to a second version in the end.
    • But she adds that she finds its constant interruptions annoying, and switches it off when she wants to concentrate.
    • Poets are selfish, self-centred people who regard neighbours as noisy interruptions rather than deserving objects in need of a helping hand.