Translation of intersperse in Spanish:


intercalar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈspərs//ɪntəˈspəːs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to intersperse sth with sth
    • he interspersed the lecture with amusing anecdotes intercaló anécdotas graciosas en su charla
    • she intersperses tragedy with moments of high comedy intercala lo trágico con momentos de gran comicidad
    • there were pictures interspersed in the text había fotografías intercaladas en el texto
    • Great stuff is interspersed with awful, stupid stuff on a bathroom wall.
    • The green shapes were interspersed with a smaller number of blue shapes.
    • The programme is interspersed with interviews, narration and renditions.
    • The night is interspersed with some two hand dances and waltzes.
    • The song is highly varied - musical passages are freely interspersed with harsh grating ones.
    • Patriotic choral singing is interspersed with news commentary.
    • The slides were interspersed with demonstrations of how the Romans built their bridges and aqueducts using a set of ingenious models.
    • Not only were they entertaining, the stories were interspersed with bits showing the camaraderie of explorers.
    • The stream looked lovely, with shallow runs interspersed with deep gorges; the trout however were not very obliging!
    • The series was interspersed with stories from lives of little-known actors in the tragedy.
    • The games are interspersed with recorded stories and songs.
    • Poignant moments are interspersed with some darkly amusing ones.
    • Conversation is however interspersed with the easier compliments on our chopstick skills and disbelief at how hairy the boys are.
    • Now his competitive schedule is interspersed with growing corporate commitments, including course design and charity work.
    • There are guests and goal-clips and interviews, but it is all interspersed with games, gags, skits and phone-ins.
    • I don't think I can remember such a foul day for a sale and the intermittent showers forecast by the weather men were only interspersed with heavy rain.
    • The hot weather was interspersed with frequent outbreaks of rain.
    • Now, during the US war on Iraq, news from the frontlines is seamlessly interspersed with news from the stock markets.
    • The present day is interspersed with the story of what really happened on the island in the 19th century.
    • Mourning is randomly interspersed with other remarks on the protagonist's past, and comments on Nottingham architecture.