Translation of interview in Spanish:


entrevista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪntəvjuː//ˈɪn(t)ərˌvju/


  • 1

    (for job, university place)
    entrevista feminine
    he was called for an interview / (British also) for interview lo citaron para una entrevista
    • He is also taking his campaign to Britain and interviews with applicants from both countries will take place in London early next year.
    • The lucky few were selected after three rounds of examinations and interviews.
    • Candidates are selected by in-person interviews only.
    • According to the election regulation, the council's 11 factions would select the candidates through interviews.
    • Now the sub-committee must sit down this week and examine the applications and will conduct interviews with the six men.
    • College officials feared about a dozen students had lost work that they needed for pre-entry interviews at other colleges.
    • Three potential students have already been invited for an interview at the college next week.
    • Health bosses travelled to Madrid last month for a first wave of interviews with 14 applicants.
    • Every year the school spots children disillusioned with traditional study and through college and school interviews identifies those who would thrive doing more work-based learning.
    • Candidates were due to arrive in Bradford tonight for the two-day selection process, but yesterday the council announced it was calling off the interviews after three applicants had pulled out.
    • During the interview, analyse applicants' skills and compare them with the job requirements to make a short list.
    • The former Wimbledon College pupil, of Donnington Road, had been due to attend an interview at Carshalton College to train as a motor mechanic when he died.
    • Perhaps not surprisingly, the researchers found that employers were considerably more likely to offer interviews and jobs to applicants with white names.
    • Furthermore, a consular official must interview applicants unless the interview is waived.
    • The 17 year old's application to study medicine was rejected after an interview at Magdalen College, Oxford.
    • Though this is not possible under all circumstances, this is relevant when you are going for an interview for a college admission.
    • He is now seeking admission to a post-graduate course in Social Work and has already faced an interview at Loyola College.
    • She was selected from 3,000 applicants after two interviews to attend the 1950s-style boarding school.
    • Each of us can articulate a kind of formal Australian that we might use at work, for meetings, job interviews and the like.
    • After four auditions, an interview and written examination Joseph was accepted into the course of music performance.
  • 2

    (with politician, entertainer)
    entrevista feminine
    interviú feminine
    to give / grant an interview dar / conceder una entrevista
    • A third has more than 250 interviews from radio, television, newspapers, and scholarly journals.
    • Also, I did an interview with a journalist from a woman's magazine yesterday, about parent bloggers.
    • His staff is expected to complain about a heated interview with him broadcast on Scottish Television.
    • Iranian television news carried an interview with a woman who had lost uncles and aunts and her two children, while her husband had suffered a broken back and legs.
    • The documentary features exclusive interviews as well as radio and television footage from the time.
    • In an interview with a television news reporter, the minister said some farmers were still mistreating their workers.
    • He also gave an interview with a Dutch radio station, the web audio transcript of which a Dutch friend kindly located for me.
    • It is based on a true story, framed by an investigative journalist's interview with his elusive subject and told mostly in flashback.
    • In an interview with Cable Television, Lee said the proposal will only deter future democratic development in Hong Kong.
    • She spent Monday morning doing television and radio interviews and followed that up with an afternoon of newspaper press conferences.
    • After my exclusive interview with the pigs' owner, every journalist was after him.
    • Magazine articles, radio interviews and some television appearances have happened for me, so I feel good about that, too.
    • In four weeks he did 18 television interviews and 36 radio broadcasts alone.
    • I spoke to the Spanish wire service and that led to an interview with a Mexican radio station, which was quite interesting.
    • His critics in the party also shunned his long-time penchant for rushing to Dublin for radio and television interviews with RTE.
    • This is why presidents give interviews to television journalists.
    • Councillors gained invaluable tips on how best they should approach radio and television interviews and build up good relationships with journalists.
    • I remember a television interview with him early in his career, at the Belgian Grand Prix.
    • Jorge himself began making appearances in schools and on public radio and gave interviews to newspapers and magazines.
    • As the president battles back on the war in Iraq with a series of television interviews, are journalists giving him a fair hearing?
  • 3

    (in market research)
    entrevista feminine
  • 4British

    (with police)
    interrogatorio masculine
    • Highly questionable police interviews of the suspect were conducted.
    • He failed to recall these details and the entire Blackpool trip in police interviews in 1997.
    • Firstly, she gave a very full account in long interviews with experienced police officers.
    • For the first time, pictures taken during police interviews show Britain's worst serial killer refusing to look at photographs of victims and claiming another elderly patient was a drug addict.
    • It regards a course of official questioning by a police officer as an interview.
    • The man was due to spend a second night at Scunthorpe Police Station, with interviews again today.
    • During a series of frank interviews at Alton police station, he admitted he had pushed a young Asian man he had seen apparently laughing at him near a lamp-post.
    • However the tapes of all the police interviews were subsequently produced to counsel and were made exhibits in this trial.
    • I was in conversation with the respondent about his views on the tape-recording of formal interviews at the police station.
    • Particularly in view of the attitude that the appellant adopted during his interviews with the police, he is only entitled to a modest discount for his plea.
    • After a few tense moments, officers relieved him of the weapon and ammunition and escorted him to the Soi 9 police station for an interview.
    • He said that during four interviews with detectives, police had produced no evidence of that he was involved in the break-in.
    • The evidence in chief of the complainant was given at trial in the form of a video of her interview in the police station.
    • The jury could accept the admissions made by the appellant in the course of the interview with police officers.
    • The tape of the police interview of the appellant was to be transcribed, agreed, filed and served.
    • The conclusion of the prosecution case were interviews that the police had had with the Appellant.
    • During the interview, the police officer left the room leaving the door unlocked.
    • Despite being held for hours by police, his official interview ceased after only two questions when he refused to answer.
    • The police interview of the first defendant took place only in January 2002.
    • Those who broke the law in the recent stings are undergoing formal interviews and police are considering whether to prosecute.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (candidate/applicant/singer) entrevistar
    20% of the electorate has already been interviewed el 20% del electorado ya ha sido encuestado
    • Once a television crew arrived to interview me, and I could see the shock in their eyes as they tried to figure out where to place the camera.
    • People want you in their films, and people want to interview you.
    • We even got some calls on the answering machine from some reporters who wanted to interview me.
    • When reporters interview me about press controversies, I'm frank to the point of self-destruction.
    • Yes, but if you read more than just the cover of the books of the people that you interview you would know more about the book.
    • Reporters all stormed forward trying to interview her.
    • She has also complained to the PCC that the reporter used subterfuge to interview her, pretending to be the mother of an inmate.
    • I was the first person that got to interview her after her fall.
    • I've also asked reporters to interview me, sometimes first sketching a hypothetical scenario.
    • I thought they were done when men and women with cameras and notebooks started coming in one at a time to interview me for the local papers.
    • One day, a magazine editor called Young and asked if he could send a reporter to interview him on his successful record.
    • Even though I had many chances to interview her, I did not do what a news reporter is supposed to do.
    • A Sukhum paper sent a reporter to interview him.
    • The guy came and they interviewed me from the top of Bolton Town Hall.
    • He is deaf too, reporters are going mad interviewing him because they have to learn sign languages.
    • When reporters went to interview her about the campaign they found her in a distressed state.
    • He interviewed me and reported in the government paper what I said about gay and lesbian rights quite accurately.
    • The clever woman identified herself as a Washington reporter seeking to interview me but then embarked on a filthy tirade.
    • One afternoon in the early Seventies I arrived to interview him at his house in the country.
    • He started in unblushing manner, giving a parking ticket to the Press reporter who had gone to interview him.
  • 2British


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (conduct interview)
    they're interviewing next Friday las entrevistas tendrán lugar el próximo viernes
    • she interviews for the radio hace entrevistas para la radio
  • 2

    she doesn't interview very well no causa muy buena impresión cuando es entrevistada