Translation of interweave in Spanish:


entretejer, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)ərˈwiv//ɪntəˈwiːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (yarns/threads) entretejer
    the leitmotiv is cunningly interwoven into the text el leitmotiv aparece acertadamente entretejido en el texto
    • Mark stood facing the camera, while I had my fingers interwoven and perched on his shoulder, standing slightly off to his side.
    • Huge tentacles of the fat, purple octopus were interwoven with a mix of grated carrots, peppers, cubes of boiled potato and frisee leaves.
    • Pain whips were about 8 feet long, 9 strands of braided rawhide with bits of metal interwoven into the tips.
    • Asbestos tape is interwove from asbestos warp and weft yarns, suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, also used as thermal insulating materials.
    • Jonkers Street was already crowded with vehicles and pedestrians, which seemed to interweave without touching each other.
    • The grey-trunked trees sprang up straight to a great height and then interwove their pale-grey branches in a long tunnel through which the autumn light fell faintly.
    • As I walked along the paths that interweave amongst the foliage I came upon something I had never seen there before.
    • But instead of neatly-folded hosiery, out comes a congealed mass of tightly interwoven tights, socks, bras and assorted accessories.
  • 2interwoven past p

    (threads) entretejido
    their lives were interwoven sus vidas estaban inextricablemente unidas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (threads/yarns) entretejerse
  • 2

    (paths) entrecruzarse