Translation of intimacy in Spanish:


intimidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪntɪməsi//ˈɪn(t)əməsi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(close friendship)

      intimidad feminine
      to be on terms of intimacy with sb tener intimidad con algn
      • Our conversation made me feel there was an even greater intimacy between us.
      • It's an excuse for a kind of intimacy between the members of the band, and between the band and the audience.
      • We learned through them that the quality of the friendship and intimacy affects the nature of conflict in a very big way.
      • As a matter of fact, sex is affirmed by sociologists as a source of pleasure and shared intimacy between husband and wife.
      • In this way, expressions of intimacy between men and women are limited to non-exploitative relationships of total commitment.
      • The intimacy between them is frequently very touching.
      • Sex is a profound experience of intimacy between two people.
      • And in the bulk of trials where the provocation defence was run, are we talking about some kind of relationship intimacy between the victim and the accused?
      • Neither can he, an only child, penetrate the deep intimacy between his parents.
      • The intimacy between them makes them weak and they surrender to each other's lust.
      • My entire life over the last ten years had been not being close to people, avoiding intimacy and close friendship because I knew that it wouldn't last.
      • We have found that this method leads to terrific solutions that we both ‘buy into’ and which further increase the trust and intimacy between us.
      • The first of three pivotal scenes in this film is a moment of intimacy between Jack and Tyler when they confide that their fathers are distant and disengaged.
      • That also will create a distance as well as a friendly intimacy between the two of you.
      • Sharing your shortcomings creates intimacy and fosters close relationships.
      • Can we infer, then, a degree of intimacy between them?
      • The powerful fear of intimacy between men is ineluctably present, but it doesn't win out over the boys' youthful hearts.
      • Beth believed those women were deluded, but nevertheless, she saw how intimacy between two people was never quite erased.
      • It's a striking moment, both for the sheer intimacy between the characters and the hopelessness of their predicament.
      • They talk about how they have come to see the Eucharist in a whole new light, as a joyful experience of intimacy with a close friend.

    • 1.2formal euphemistic (sexual relations)

      relaciones íntimas feminine euphemistic
      • It could not be more clear that research must be conducted on the relative status of sexual intimacy in the minds of persons engaged in different kinds of procreative activity.
      • There were times when it was hard, when one or other of us would be crying out for more, be it moving in, or more often a cry for the delights of sexual intimacy.
      • Many people consider sexual intimacy to be only or most appropriate in marriage.
      • These results suggest that stereotypes of older persons as not interested in sexual intimacy are wrong.
      • Many of my old inhibitions resurfaced now that I faced the risks of sexual intimacy.
      • Be close - build and maintain emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship.
      • One of the greatest sources for holiness can be found during moments of physical intimacy between husband and wife.
      • At the time of the survey, sexual intimacy no longer occurred in their relationships.
      • These factors have implications for intimacy and sexuality.
      • For virgins, the issue of timing is more evident because they have not met the cultural deadline of sexual intimacy with a partner.
      • Siva's young followers are taught to protect their chastity as a treasure and to save sexual intimacy for their future spouse.
      • For example, God still says that marriage needs to come before sexual intimacy.
      • Yet many of our opponents argue that we ought to forsake sexual intimacy in favor of celibacy.
      • The Sexual Attitudes Scale was designed to measure attitudes about sexual behavior and the place of sexual intimacy in relationships.
      • Have older gays lost touch with the value of sexual intimacy?
      • In other words, not all opportunities for intimacy or sexual interaction may be perceived as equally desirable or rewarding.
      • These benefits do not flow from other living arrangements, even if sexual intimacy is an element.
      • Or is sexual intimacy such an important part of an adult relationship that impotence should be viewed as a problem that should and now can be cured?
      • Some fulfill their desire for sexual intimacy within a long-term committed relationship.
      • What are the implications of achieving sexuality before intimacy?

    • 1.3(of atmosphere)

      intimidad feminine
      in the intimacy of one's own home en la intimidad de su (or mi etc.) hogar
      • ‘We offer signed books, which create a sense of intimacy and pride for the clients,’ said Harris.
      • The single dancing flame in the center of the table created an atmosphere of intimacy.
      • Do not be put off by my description of the bare red brick walls and ceiling, because somehow they lend an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy.
      • The cheeky, Spanish gig-a-long ‘A Minha Menina’ injected some needed intimacy into the atmosphere with a throng of dancers and not a mosh pit in sight.
      • Apart from the fresh air and exercise, there's a real sense of intimacy with your surroundings when you travel by bike, a feeling of closeness and access that other forms of transport simply cannot provide.
      • These were ingenious tactics that created an atmosphere of intimacy - and produced an ultimate irony.
      • He says it is difficult to achieve a sense of intimacy in such a large museum, but he feels it succeeds because of the commitment of the project team.
      • To sense the loss of privacy and dignity, we must first feel that they existed; regrettably, the set does not create the necessary sense of domestic intimacy.
      • Despite the monumental scale of the program and spaces, this church retains a sense of warmth and intimacy.
      • Lighter colours on the walls, such as pale yellows, give a fresh look - though darker colours give a greater sense of intimacy.
      • An atmosphere of warmth and intimacy is created, and long-held bodily tensions are released.
      • Gas lamps and good quality mahogany furniture provided an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy.
      • All in all, though, the meal was excellent and the surroundings dark and sleek enough to induce a pleasing sense of intimacy.
      • This has the similar sense of intimacy on the move, exploiting the car's singular potential as a partly private, partly public place.
      • The main dining area is sectioned off with opaque glass windows and sheer curtains that give a sense of intimacy matched by the gracious service.
      • The meditative mood and ethereal atmosphere of the painting create an aura of intimacy that counters the epic scale of its composition.
      • Soft carpets and fabrics convey a sense of warmth, intimacy, and privacy.
      • But because rooms measure no more than 180 square feet, they maintain a sense of intimacy.
      • The boats are 12-to 22-berth vessels, so there's a greater sense of intimacy than on the typical Caribbean cruise.

    • 1.4(of knowledge)

      her intimacy with the details of the report su familiaridad con los detalles del informe
      • I was surprised at the intimacy of his acquaintance with the subject me sorprendió lo impuesto que estaba en el tema

  • 2intimacies plural

    intimidades feminine
    (physical) arrumacos masculine