Translation of intonation in Spanish:


entonación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪn(t)əˈneɪʃ(ə)n//ɪntəˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


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    entonación feminine
    • He plays multiple characters, simultaneously, in bizarre sketches without using dialogue and relies only on body language and voice intonation.
    • But the quandary remains: if inflection and intonation are a natural part of speaking, what are we to do with them when sacred texts are read?
    • Textural clarity requires rhythmic precision, knowing the important line at any point in the score, dead-on intonation, and the ability to sing lightly and incisively at the same time.
    • The ‘Salve regina’ for soprano and organ is a gorgeous little thing that could melt hearts in any church service (notwithstanding the iffy intonation from the soloist here).
    • It also provides a fine-tuning parameter for more accurate intonation of a sample at a particular pitch level.
    • The Largo is done broadly and is less nostalgic than tragic; some suspect intonation from the wind choir reduces the music's power somewhat.
    • It has to have a certain sophistication and different levels and perspectives of quality - sound, balancing of voices, ensemble, intonation, and the same excitement as the live performance.
    • The voice is a little colourless in its lower register, compensated by a bright tone in the middle of his voice, and meticulous intonation.
    • The Arcadians are one of Oxford's best chamber choirs, capable of tackling this monumentally difficult piece supported by impressive intonation, articulation and stylistic awareness.
    • Your delivery, intonation, diction and fluency are all wrong, and you remind me of someone who hangs about on street corners, opening your jacket and trying to sell people things.
    • You should speak it well, complete with the right pronunciation and intonation.
    • The training must include intense and particular attention to pronunciation, intonation and enunciation.
    • The accent and intonation were near perfect, and there was no sign of affected or artificial delivery.
    • Yeah, it's not a question, but rising intonation makes it one.
    • She's got a good kid voice - true intonation, natural phrasing.
    • Chinese is a tonal language: words are differentiated not just by sounds but by whether the intonation is rising or falling.
    • Don't start with the Second or Third Concertos, which are marred by sour intonation from the French musicians.
    • The unaccompanied choir responds to the sincerity of the music with impeccable ensemble and intonation.
    • The horn keeps everybody honest in their intonation.
    • Her virtues - precise intonation, fabulous musicianship, particularly in the Ariettes - nevertheless come through.
    • She encompassed the bold leaps and wide range of the vocal part splendidly - always singing with strongly focused tone and perfect intonation.
    • Through focusing on the speed, intonation, and dynamics of utterance, each story can be much richer in meaning.
    • Yet in James's African-American community, rising intonation conveys the desire for encouragement.
    • His bass solo is characteristically creative and displays wonderful intonation and tone.
    • The system transfers the most pissed to an operator, by analyzing variables such as voice intonation and speech patterns.
    • It was at those times that I felt most privileged to be on the inside, leaning on every syllable and intonation of his voice.
    • Yet Western listeners are not noticeable disturbed by the pitch intonation of professional performers.
    • His intonation and faux-elitist accent made the dialogue much more amusing.
    • Characteristic is his perfect intonation and breath management as well as excellent phrasing and imaginative use of ornaments when he confronts difficult trills head-on.
    • Such features as pitch or intonation, rhythm and tone are the first elements to be distinguishable.
    • Her intonation is rising throughout, partly due to the presence of so many questions and exclamations, but also because the lines follow on each other so rapidly.
    • The pitch, intonation, and speed of his voice are all over the map and make every bit of dialogue and catchphrase either hilarious or an assault on your eardrums.
    • Her voice is annoyingly reedy, with a fast vibrato and intonation slightly under pitch.
    • The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is best in the strings; wind intonation can be iffy, but the playing has personality throughout.
    • However, the cues for this frame are subtle features in intonation and voice quality, which may be particularly difficult for candidates from non-English speaking backgrounds to pick up on.
    • On the other hand, they were superb ‘readers’ of voices, intonation, inflection, fear, evasion, demand.
    • This album is very natural sounding, with 12 pure singers who have remarkable accuracy of intonation, performing traditional arrangements.
    • It was in her voice, her intonation, the places she paused.
    • Participants are judged based on the timing of the speech, voice intonation and gestures.
    • Obvious differences do persist, particularly in accent and intonation, but the idea of the thick-accented, barely intelligible Paddy is anachronistic.