Translation of intrinsic in Spanish:


intrínseco, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtrɪnsɪk//ɪnˈtrɪnsɪk//ɪnˈtrɪnzɪk/


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    intrinsic to sth
    • selfishness is intrinsic to his nature el egoísmo le es connatural
    • it is intrinsic to the success of the plan that … para que el plan tenga éxito es esencial que …
    • Lastly, I am satisfied that the proposal would not undermine the intrinsic value of natural or cultural assets.
    • The trees that were here were seldom valued for their intrinsic values, but for their economic worth.
    • Often the intrinsic value is the underlying price of a company's total assets.
    • I have always believed in an element of good that is intrinsic to even the most cruel of people.
    • I have been arguing that it is right to say, as most of us want to do, that natural goods have an intrinsic value.
    • The fundamentals of quality are of course intrinsic to the value of a drawing.
    • Granitic magmatism at convergent margins is intrinsic to the growth of continents and is an integral part of Andean geology.
    • These systems are inseparable and intrinsic to the problem of designing a school.
    • But what is it that makes sport such an essential and intrinsic part of the lives of some people?
    • Lepper and Malone argue that control is an essential part of intrinsic motivation.
    • Now whatever the intrinsic value of these proverbs, there's no taking away from the harm they cause.
    • At its best, athletic competition can hold intrinsic value for our society.
    • What I like is that the storyline doesn't just set up the sex stuff, but the sex stuff is intrinsic to the storyline.
    • By the same token, investors are starting to recognise the intrinsic value of more profitable old economy businesses.
    • Thus, we have seen two relations that are elements in the bundle of relations that appear as intrinsic to existing as a human being.
    • But of course, tour guides have a definite advantage intrinsic to their position.
    • Also intrinsic to the flea market orientation was an element of bargain hunting.
    • It is open to the general public and aims to underline the intrinsic value of the subject as a core life skill.
    • There is not a natural, intrinsic sense of community created through television.
    • Socrates believed in the intrinsic value of asking honest questions and challenging orthodoxy.