Translation of introduce in Spanish:


presentar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌɪntrəˈd(j)us//ɪntrəˈdjuːs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(acquaint)

      I don't think we've been introduced me parece que no nos han presentado
      • allow me to introduce myself/my mother permítame que me presente/le presente a mi madre
      • to introduce sb to sb presentarle a algn a algn
      • he introduced John to her le presentó a John
      • he introduced her to John se la presentó a John
      • ‘That would be me,’ Jessica said with a small frown, when Michael showed no intention of formally introducing her.
      • ‘Let me introduce us to you more formally,’ he offered, taking them closer to the table.
      • James introduced her and the boys - her name is Felicity and the two boys are her sons.
      • Then she formally introduced me to Angela and a man about two or three years older than me, who wore a shiny grey suit, lots of jewellery and had very white teeth.
      • By now Scott was merely killing time and she remained close to him as he mingled among familiar faces every so often introducing her to someone by her first name.
      • Booth got in touch with him and introduced him to her grandmother, then 99 years old.
      • If Hector and Nolan knew each other, why didn't she introduce us instead of having me asking him for his name?
      • But the plan is to introduce her as Tiffany, and not reveal her name.
      • In fact, he had never told her his name; somebody else had introduced him.
      • I run into some nefarious character, I don't even want to mention his name, who introduces me to Madam Alex.
      • So the cabbie introduced me to this man, whose name I have lost, and left.
      • My mother soon entered the room and formally introduced us, though obviously he knew my name and I knew his.
      • She introduced me to a group of girls, whose names became a blur by the fifth girl.
      • Harpo, the eldest son, falls in love with a young girl named Sofia, and introduces her to the family already swelling and pregnant.
      • When Amy had settled in, Kevin formally introduced her to the others and led her to the training room.
      • She could not remember his name since the time Catherine introduced him to her.
      • A mutual friend formally introduced him to her during the course of the evening.
      • She wished to know your name… and she requested that I introduce you to her.
      • Three weeks ago, Debbie Scott, who just spoke so passionately, introduced me to a remarkable young man.
      • He introduced me to his salesman, a man named Sol.

    • 1.2(initiate)

      to introduce sb to sth iniciar a algn en algo
      • he introduced me to the classics él me introdujo a / me inició en la lectura de los clásicos
      • It is clear that there are now more new products introduced every year than before.
      • At least two new flavours and products are introduced each year after extensive taste tests.
      • The measures included introducing a zero tax rate for reinvested profit, reducing income tax rates and raising the non-taxable minimum by 10 per cent.
      • Family tax benefits are just one of the many measures introduced by the government that effectively lower the average rate of tax.
      • In the past few years, Swindon police, in partnership with the council, has introduced a number of measures to halt the tide of yobbish behaviour.
      • Initial modules introduce less complex concepts and situations, which are built upon by progressively more complex negotiation scenarios and strategies.
      • With quality in mind, a plethora of industries have showcased their products at the venue, which has also turned out a testing ground for introducing new products as also selling new concepts.
      • I know a few years ago a Bombay physician had introduced this concept of getting together in a group and laughing, and it has caught on in other cities in India also.
      • The tax measure was introduced in the last federal budget.
      • Now, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust bosses have introduced a number of measures to combat the problem.
      • The bills introduce a number of measures to provide greater scrutiny of people, goods, and craft arriving in, and leaving from, New Zealand.
      • We know the individual can make a difference by introducing simple measures about the home such as switching off a light or turning the TV off standby.
      • Boozing in the street could cost drinkers £500 under tough new measures introduced this week.
      • The reasons for introducing these measures remain valid and the parking restrictions are now being enforced by the city council on an impartial basis.
      • It is hoped the order will reduce the chance of more strict drought measures being introduced next year.
      • This is a great place to introduce products and measure their popularity.
      • The move is one of a number of measures introduced by Burnley Council as part of a shake-up of their waste collection services.
      • To cut costs, many retailers have been introducing productivity-boosting measures, such as self-service checkout lines.
      • Traffic calming measures were introduced last year when engineers reduced the width of Main Road at key points to encourage motorists to slow down.
      • It has become a laudable tradition among all chipset developers to introduce their new products in series rather than singly.

    • 1.3(present)

      (speaker/performer/program) presentar
      (lecture/article/meeting) iniciar
      • In his talk introducing the book, Neil challenged this view.
      • He has already introduced race nights, fancy dress parties and a pop quiz to the award-winning boozer.
      • The conductor, wearing a dress I had seen her conduct in many times before, opened the proceedings by introducing the choir, and ‘what it stands for’ to the audience.
      • Granada TV frontman Anthony Wilson is the master of ceremonies who will introduce an action-packed programme.
      • You could barely hear him introducing the songs.
      • His charisma often focuses attention on himself, even when he is introducing a musician to the public in a humorous or warm way.
      • He will introduce screenings of some of his films and conduct a movie masterclass with the audience at Pictureville Cinema.
      • No less than 31 presenters have been recruited to introduce programmes throughout the festival, and some will stay on with their own studio shows afterwards.
      • Jay introduced the song and then you can see him getting up right away like he was walking out on it.
      • He was too shy to show his face, even as the superstar sing-song rapper introduced him and thousands of teens screamed his name.
      • Barnes tries to introduce the song, but the drummer's making a little too much racket for his liking.
      • Then as Matt is introducing a song - explaining, as he lifts up his sleeve, showing a big tattoo of John Lee Hooker, about how he got this tattoo the day JLH died and how it was the best tattoo in the world.
      • The audience held on to her every word as she introduced each song.
      • But then, he did not stop at introducing the book.
      • Caroline, who is a singer and takes part in local talent competitions, was never able to get up on stage and introduce her own songs.
      • When I stepped up to open the session and introduce the speaker it had been 4 p.m.
      • It was ‘de rigueur,’ practically, to introduce your next song with a musicological essay - we all did it.
      • He introduces one song with ‘Anyway’, another with ‘Well’.
      • He introduces a song of heart-warming beauty ‘Scorn Not His Simplicity’ and dedicates it to every proud parent of a disabled child.

  • 2

    • 2.1(bring in)

      (topic/notion/subject) introducir
      (suggestion) hacer
      (suggestion) presentar
      • And we introduce another device which would allow the surgeon to be able to see where on the heart they're working.
      • The cellular physiology workstation may optionally comprise injecting means for introducing an injection solution into the cell before and during analysis.
      • We conclude that Minos can be instrumental for completion of the effort to introduce useful insertions into all known genes of D. melanogaster.
      • He recalls the time when miners from Wales dug one of the bore holes, which is still used today, and when chlorine was introduced at the treatment works.
      • This introduces rotatory forces through the knee which can aggravate the condition.
      • Doctors introduce the device through a small puncture in the groin area before entering the Merci Retriever into an artery leading to the brain.
      • DNA replication is known to introduce short insertion and deletion mutations through various forms of strand misalignment.
      • The electrode is introduced through a needle inserted into a large vein in an arm or the neck.

    • 2.2(bring in for first time)

      (innovation/custom/practice) introducir
      (product) lanzar
      (product) sacar
      introducing Juan Romero as Don Félix presentando por primera vez (en pantalla) a Juan Romero en el papel de Don Félix
      • tobacco was introduced (in)to Europe in the 16th century el tabaco se introdujo en Europa en el siglo XVI

    • 2.3Politics

      (tax/legislation) introducir
      (bill) presentar
      • Well, my next guest introduced legislation to create a student's Bill of rights.
      • I have faith in the people of the United States to get beyond the present administration and the present situation, and, ultimately, to introduce such progressive legislation.
      • He suggested that legislation and regulations introduced by her would solve that problem.
      • Draft regulations that will govern the Bill seeking to introduce legislation to control smoking in public places have been published for consultation.
      • At least every time he stood to introduce some business law legislation, he showed some enthusiasm and understanding.
      • He told a conference yesterday that he wants prices for high speed Internet access to come down, or the Government would introduce regulations and legislation to bring prices down.
      • Human reproductive cloning is banned in countries that have introduced regulations or legislation restricting it.
      • Once you introduce laws, bylaws, legislation and regulations you are immediately restricting people's freedom, which is unavoidable.
      • She introduced the legislation because of fears the rules on student visas were too lax, and are turning the US into a ‘sieve’.
      • Supporters of this bill plan to introduce legislation in 2002 to include Medicaid.
      • Changes in the personnel might see a partial reversal of that, allowing up to 30 states to introduce legislation banning or limiting abortion.
      • Yet inevitably some will remain suspicious that the present crisis will be used as a pretext for introducing legislation which will erode our civil liberties.
      • The past two weeks have shown how far we have travelled in the debate about introducing legislation in Scotland aimed at protecting people from the damage that passive smoking causes to health.
      • US gun control, as presented in legislation introduced by Democrats, is a joke.
      • A bill was introduced into the legislative assembly that would have banned the use of powdered latex gloves throughout the state.
      • If it doesn't like a particular scheme it can immediately introduce legislation to close it down - and the rules will apply retrospectively.
      • Private members, however, would be free to introduce such legislation, which would be subjected to debate and a free vote.
      • It is not possible to conceive of a practice whereby Government binds itself as a matter of law to consult before introducing primary legislation.
      • Almost 70 pieces of secondary legislation were also introduced.
      • In California, one assemblyman just introduced legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

  • 3formal

    to introduce sth into sth introducir algo en algo