Translation of introductory in Spanish:


preliminar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪntrəˈdəkt(ə)ri//ɪntrəˈdʌkt(ə)ri/


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    (prefatory, opening)
    (notes/clarifications/remarks) preliminar
    (lecture/chapter) de introducción
    Business (offer/discount) de lanzamiento
    • As everything is all so new, the hotel is temporarily offering a range of special introductory packages.
    • Customers who sign up will pay €30 per month after the introductory offer ends.
    • I've decided to waive the cost of this initial consignment as a introductory offer.
    • This course will be an ideal one to complement the Centre's recently run introductory course on beekeeping.
    • Section 1 includes two introductory chapters that provide a suitable opening to the book.
    • The introductory chapters are simply written and clearly illustrated.
    • It entices customers in with a market-beating introductory offer that rises after six months or so.
    • During my sophomore year of college I took an introductory acting course as an elective.
    • On Tuesdays there are Meditation classes in the morning and an introductory course in Yoga in the evening.
    • Instead of the standard two years of philosophy, I have done just one as well as introductory courses in theology.
    • An introductory course in First Aid will also be added to the expanding subject choices in October.
    • There is also a short introductory chapter dealing with nuisance aquatic plants of the region.
    • It's easy enough, it's a basic introductory essay to the topic so the tutor can assess our skills.
    • It's available now, at an introductory offer of £40 per person for bed and breakfast.
    • If you can, apply for one of the many cards offering an introductory interest-free period on transfers.
    • This has been moved from card to card to take advantage of introductory offers.
    • This introductory course will explore many of the topics that were touched on above.
    • Are customers still benefiting from that special introductory rate on purchases?
    • The introductory chapters are limited, focusing on key principles only.
    • Dozens of credit card companies offer special zero interest introductory periods.
    • This software will have a place for your cyber guests to register and to receive an introductory offer.
    • As an introductory offer, electronic cards are being offered free of subscription fee for the first year.
    • The introductory and overview chapters of the three volumes are alone worth the price of purchase.
    • Biotechnology education could begin at the university level with a basic introductory course.
    • Visitors are advised to watch out for new hotels that run introductory offers.
    • Dozens of cards offer no-interest introductory rates on balance transfers, with the longest deals lasting for up to a year.
    • Hey, check out this Internet thing and see what all the fuss is about with a free introductory offer from Her Majesty's Government.
    • Safe storage of weapons is part and parcel of introductory training at the basic police academy level.
    • If you've never read about this sort of thing, this is a good basic introductory article.
    • There are a lot of suppliers competing for your pounds, some of whom offer head-turning introductory offers.
    • It was then agreed to try to arrange an introductory course in the locality.
    • The problems were addressed in an introductory graduate level econometrics course.
    • There's a chapter in every introductory economics textbook about innovation and competition.
    • Anyone who hasn't been on the programme before can attend an introductory course starting at 3pm on Sunday.
    • Olive decides to switch to a card that charges no interest on purchases for an introductory period.
    • In many ways, I wish this chapter had been the introductory chapter for the book.
    • If there's no introductory offer for new purchases then don't use the card to buy things.
    • Right now, this is an academic issue, because as an introductory offer, all public Ready to Surf points are free to wireless users.
    • After all, they offered me a gold card and an attractive introductory rate of interest.
    • The high rate is not intended as an introductory offer, according to the company, and it says the rate is made possible by a low cost base.
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    (course/lesson) de introducción
    (course/lesson) de iniciación