Translation of introit in Spanish:


introito, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɪntrɔɪt//ɪnˈtrəʊɪt//ˈɪntrɔɪt//ənˈtrɔɪt/


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    introito masculine
    • The introit is my Deus in adjutorium written for the occasion and, even without trying it in the cathedral beforehand, it sounds glorious from the moment that Margaret's tenor solo rings out.
    • Not just settings of the ordinary, but the copious amounts of plainchant needed to cover all the propers (the introit, gradual, alleluia, offertory, communion and other sentences, all of which change according to the day and festival).
    • Messiaen's diary for that day recorded what must have been a memorable occasion: ‘I play an introit and sortie fortissimo, and improvise on themes by Berlioz.’